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Hybrid Cloud News: How IBM Cloud Object Storage Services Can Cure File Growth Pain for Major Enterprises

ibm-object-storage-blog-webToday’s announcement from IBM is major news for any large company struggling with massive volumes of unstructured data. IBM Cloud Object Storage services will be a great solution for enterprises in need of a secure, reliable and high-performance cloud whether that’s on premise, in the public cloud or both.

The increasing popularity of cloud is reflected within our rapidly expanding client base. Nasuni now manages 17 PB of unstructured data in cloud solutions, and we’re very excited to see a proven leader like IBM expand its cloud offerings.

Why Hybrid Cloud?

At Nasuni, we realize that as the volume of a company’s unstructured data grows into the 100s of TBs or PBs range, the economies of scale change. In some cases, building your own object store may be more cost-effective than leveraging the public cloud. The IBM Nasuni partnership offers customers the flexibility to choose whether to deploy cloud onsite or in a public cloud depending on their unique requirements. A few of the additional advantages include:

  • Performance: Storing unstructured data in company-controlled data centers can improve access to files. If high-performance access becomes less critical, aging files can be seamlessly migrated to public cloud as a more cost-effective storage tier.
  • Compliance: For many companies, maintaining direct control over unstructured data by storing files only within company-controlled facilities is a legal or regulatory requirement.
  • Scalability: From a technical perspective, object storage can be much easier to scale than NAS or SAN systems.

As an experienced judge of public cloud performance, we also know that the provider makes a difference, and that’s one of the reasons we’re excited about a proven technology leader like IBM taking another step forward in this space.

Hybrid Cloud, Enhanced

Nasuni is an ideal partner for IBM Cloud Object Storage services because our technology transforms the object store into a suitable file store by working through standard NAS protocols like SMB/CIFS and NFS. That allows us to extend additional benefits to major enterprises, including high-performance access to files across multiple locations and devices, unified management of the entire storage infrastructure and built-in data protection. Finally, our cloud-native file system, UniFS®, delivers unlimited, cost-effective scalability. It’s an entire storage solution stack rolled into one system.

“The IBM Nasuni partnership offers customers the flexibility to choose whether to deploy cloud onsite or in a public cloud depending on their unique requirements.”

One of our clients, a major online retailer, uses Nasuni File Services to store, protect, manage and extend access to 300 TB of unstructured data within its  cloud. The company has 20 offices in the U.S. alone and its files have been growing at 30% annually. Previously, the retailer’s storage infrastructure consisted of multiple silos, and data protection and storage costs were growing rapidly. By implementing Nasuni File Services, the company:

  • Enhanced collaboration by extending high-performance access to all offices and mobile devices
  • Unified its entire storage infrastructure, allowing IT to manage all offices as if they were a single location
  • Cut costs through built-in data protection
  • Improved DR through an added level of redundancy

Designed for both public and hybrid deployments, our solution is effective across industries, and our clients include leading enterprises in the advertising, construction and technology spaces as well.

If you’d like to learn more about IBM Cloud Object Storage services, and how it works in tandem with Nasuni, let us know. We’d be happy to chat.