Exponential Data Growth in the Healthcare Industry

Many enterprises are dealing with explosive data growth, but organizations in the healthcare industry are facing an especially challenging future when it comes to file storage. Medical images alone are presenting an enormous problem. Stored as files, the images themselves are growing in size due to higher-resolution tools. A traditional mammogram image, for example, might be 19 MB, while a new 3D tomography image could be 392 MB. The files are growing not just in size, but in volume, too, as more and more images are captured.

This kind of important medical data cannot simply be discarded after a year. Data retention requirements demand that files be stored securely for years. One of our healthcare clients, for example, has to archive files for at least a decade. And those files have to be available when needed.

Finally, the healthcare industry as a whole, along with the organizations that make up its sub-industries, such as radiology, is undergoing tremendous consolidation. Today, a dynamic, growing healthcare enterprise does not just have to manage its own file storage. It has to find an efficient and cost-effective way to ingest, manage and store the files of the organizations, hospitals or branch offices it acquires.

The traditional approaches to dealing with these challenges are complex and expensive, involving multiple costly solutions, repeated hardware refreshes and painful migrations.

Unlimited, Secure File Storage With Nasuni

Nasuni Cloud NAS combines the scalability, accessibility and flexibility of public cloud storage with the local performance and security of on-site storage. Nasuni delivers bottom-less, backup-less capacity that’s accessible anywhere. Solving the file growth problem is only one piece. Our healthcare clients benefit from automatic protection, centralized management of files across all office locations and more.

Nasuni is especially beneficial within the highly competitive healthcare industry because it securely manages, protects, and archives data while saving organizations money and time. Compared to traditional storage, our clients typically save 40-60%.

Unlimited Scalability – Nasuni combines local appliances with cloud storage to provide unlimited capacity and on-demand scalability. Nasuni caches active files locally, while sending snapshots of the data as it changes to the cloud. The result is that the bulk of file data and history resides in secure, scalable and far less costly cloud storage. As healthcare offices and hospitals continue to produce new and larger files, they don’t need to worry about expanding their storage footprint. With Nasuni, storage scales on-demand in the cloud.

Automatic Archiving and Protection – Unlimited snapshots stored in multiple geographic locations enable complete data protection for every office, regardless of size or location. Individual medical files or data for an entire office can be recovered in minutes in the case of business disruption or equipment failure. Nasuni snapshots are unlimited and perpetual. That means no more limits on retention due to storage or media consumption.

HIPAA Compliant – Data is secure with Nasuni, which works with Active Directory for full integration with existing user authentication and access control rules. Before it’s sent to the cloud, data is encrypted using military grade AES-256 encryption. The encryption key is generated and controlled by the agency, so data is never available in any way to the cloud provider or Nasuni. Because of this approach, and the fact that Nasuni stores data in a HIPAA-compliant cloud provider, Nasuni is suitable for the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Rapid Deployment and Integration – When our healthcare clients acquire or partner with a new office, IT does not have to suffer through a complex migration to bring that new location’s data under its control. By spinning up a physical or virtual Nasuni appliance at the new office, IT can quickly gain control over the storage infrastructure. Our clients don’t have to manage their locations as independent silos of storage.

Central Management – With the Nasuni Management Console, storage appliances in all locations are centrally managed through a single browser-based interface, enabling uniform policies for backup, user access and security across the entire storage infrastructure.

Mobile Access – Nasuni Mobile allows healthcare professionals to securely access files or imagery remotely. This is a unique capability – included with Cloud NAS – and it provides mobile data access on iOS and Android devices as well as file synchronization on laptops. And it all happens securely, under IT’s control.

Distributed Access – Files are cached locally in an on-site appliance, providing users fast access to all files. But changes and updates to files are constantly sent to the single master copy in the cloud, allowing users in all locations to work with the same set of current media files. For dynamic, growing enterprises in the healthcare industry, this makes collaboration across offices much easier.

Massively Reduced Costs – Thanks to advanced caching algorithms, Nasuni eliminates the need to store cold data on expensive local hardware while still keeping active data on-premises for fast access. The elimination of expensive backup systems saves bandwidth and money while reducing IT complexity and man-hours. With Nasuni, storage and backup refreshes and upgrades become a thing of the past. In the end, our clients see file data storage TCO savings of 40%-65%.

The Right Solution for a Dynamic Industry

Data growth in the healthcare industry is not going to stop or even slow. Nasuni empowers our healthcare clients with a cost-effective strategy to manage growth, while also delivering added benefits that create new efficiencies across the organization, from headquarters to the smallest branch office.


Customer Story: Austin Radiological Association

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