Simplify Management of Your Healthcare Files, While Saving Costs

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of dealing with an explosion of data of all kinds. Unstructured data, particularly medical images, are growing extremely fast, and driving the need for new and innovative file management solutions. In addition to the growth of files under management, institutions need files be available longer, and for a wider user base than ever before. Long-term research studies, and large collaborative research projects require scalable file storage that is both affordable and easy to use across multiple locations.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services Manage PB’s of File Data

The Nasuni solution provides unlimited, distributed file storage while replacing the need for separate backup operations, and disaster recovery sites. It can save you 40-60% on your storage investment, but more importantly, free up IT resources and simplify your internal processes for managing distributed locations and files.

Austin Radiological Association is the largest outpatient imaging services provider in central Texas.
Hear directly from Todd Thomas, Chief Information Officer at ARA. Read the full customer story »

Traditional Storage Can’t Keep Up With Healthcare Files

As the healthcare market context changes, hospitals and medical practices are making individual decisions to consolidate or acquire new operations, depending on their strategic focus. Constant uncertainty makes the time and investment put into traditional storage capacity planning difficult to justify. What’s required is a new approach that brings long-term flexibility and scalability to healthcare storage, without sacrificing security, access, and manageability. What’s required is Nasuni.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services utilizes a file system built for the cloud which combines the scalability, accessibility and flexibility of public cloud storage with the local performance and security of on-site storage.

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Solution Brief: Nasuni Solution for Healthcare Files and PACS Images

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of dealing with an explosion of data of all kinds. Structured data, like Electronic Healthcare Records are growing quickly, but unstructured data, such as PACS medical images, and administrative files are growing in both size and numbers. Download the industry solution brief to learn more.

Solution Brief: HIPAA, Nasuni and the Cloud

Organizations in the healthcare industry have to operate under increasingly strict and complex rules. The Nasuni service itself meets all relevant HIPAA and HITECH regulations. HIPAA does not merely apply to healthcare organizations or providers, but to all companies and facilities these groups entrust with electronic PHI. Download the solution brief to learn more.

Industry Solution Brief: The Great Healthcare Migration

Relentless data growth combined with the desire for high performance flash arrays is making IT organizations rethink their file storage strategy. Files are being driven out of the data center and they are heading to the cloud. The data center of today is faster, more efficient and, as a result, thinner than ever. Download this solution brief to learn how ARA used Nasuni to migrate their radiological images to the cloud.

Customer Spotlight


Webinar: How a Leading Hospital Cured its File Storage Growth Pains

“We won’t even look at a technology before we can be sure it will comply with our HIPAA requirements. Nasuni’s strong security model passed the test.”

– Paul Feilmeier, Manager, IT Infrastructure, Faith Regional Health Services