Secure File Sharing

One of the challenges of identifying the ideal secure file sharing solution for your organization is weeding through the overwhelming number of choices on the market. The range of companies offering secure file sharing is incredibly broad, from legacy storage vendors and fast-growing unicorns to early startups, and the solutions are often suited to different… Continue Reading »

Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions

As individual workers become increasingly mobile and organizations rely on distributed project teams, the need for secure, high-performance enterprise file sync and share solutions has steadily grown. File sync and share is a fairly self-explanatory concept. An effective enterprise solution allows end users in different locations to securely access and edit the same project files. Given… Continue Reading »

What is Cloud NAS?

The difference between Cloud NAS and traditional Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices is not merely one of scale. Cloud NAS is fundamentally changing what companies expect out of an enterprise file storage solution. When NAS devices were first introduced, they initiated a new era in file storage. Instead of tying users to specific volumes on particular… Continue Reading »

Three Critical Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure

The increasing popularity of cloud infrastructure for today’s enterprises is hardly surprising. As more companies get over their irrational fear of cloud, they are starting to embrace cloud infrastructure and shift to a service model of consuming hardware, software and other critical infrastructure components. Perhaps the most logical move when exploring cloud infrastructure options is… Continue Reading »

The Benefits and Drawbacks of WAN Acceleration

Today’s distributed organizations must provide fast access to unstructured data wherever and whenever files are needed. Since traditional storage solutions typically house data in a central location, such as headquarters or a primary data center, companies often rely on WAN acceleration solutions to extend file access to all locations and users. Creating a Wide Area… Continue Reading »

What is a Global File System?

As organizations struggle to manage the combined pressure of continued file data growth and a growing number of users and offices spread across different locations, it has become apparent that the traditional file system is flawed. An increasing number of companies have adopted what is known as a global file system. This approach is not… Continue Reading »

Managing Unstructured Data Growth with Enterprise NAS Storage

Continued growth in the size and number of business files is forcing companies to search for better and more cost-effective ways to store, protect, manage and share access to data. For organizations with complex storage needs, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a common solution to this unstructured data growth. Using a network connection, enterprise NAS storage… Continue Reading »

What To Look For in a Cloud Storage Provider

Until recently, many enterprises were wary of entrusting their data to public cloud storage providers. Would their data be safe? Would it be available when needed? Or would their users have to wait for files to be retrieved from cloud storage providers? In the early days of cloud storage, those fears were justified. Some providers… Continue Reading »

NAS Data Storage

Network-Attached Storage, or NAS data storage, can be a highly effective way to store, protect, manage and share access to files. NAS data storage devices allow multiple users to connect to the same shared volume through a network connection. There might be multiple pieces of storage hardware, but NAS data storage unifies these servers so… Continue Reading »

Managing File Growth with Scale-out NAS

There are a number of advantages to scale-out NAS, especially when compared to its predecessor, scale-up storage. Previously, enterprises would commit a significant investment to a large storage array, then gradually fill up that space over time. Companies ended up paying for storage they did not use for years. The scale-out NAS approach breaks from… Continue Reading »

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What is Nasuni?

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