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Global Construction Company Accelerates Cloud Initiatives with Nasuni Cloud File Services

Inproved enterprise file services for APi Group
APi Group serves more than 5,000 employees across 200 locations.

The IT team at global construction company APi Group serves more than 5,000 employees across 200 locations. When their existing NAS infrastructure could no longer provide the file system scalability, collaborative capabilities, and fast recovery times the business needed, they knew it was time for a different approach.

How they tied their NAS refresh and collaboration initiative to their corporate mandate to shift more IT services to the cloud is now documented in a new Nasuni case study and an on-demand webinar featuring 3 of APi Group’s IT leaders.

Many enterprises think the transition to the cloud – which often makes clear economic and business sense – will take years. APi Group initially thought this, too. But Nasuni and Microsoft Azure have enabled the global corporation to meet all its primary NAS, collaboration, data protection, and disaster recovery needs in short order.

Nasuni and Azure entered the picture and it was instant cloud infrastructure,” says Brian Erickson, IT Implementation and Acquisition Manager at APi Group. “We were able to accelerate our cloud timeline.”

Check out the case study and webinar to learn more from Brian and his IT colleagues about their project. Or read on below for a few more details.

Cloud-scale file services

Listen to three of APi Group’s IT leaders detail how cloud-scale file services have impacted their organization in this informative on-demand webinar.

Watch the webinar »

Improving Collaboration, Scalability, and Data Protection

Nasuni and Azure are now providing file services for APi Group’s 200+ locations. Nasuni UniFS®, the first global file system designed to live in the cloud, provides limitless capacity in support of the firm’s group shares and project directories. Files can never outgrow local hardware, end users in all locations can access the same global file shares, and IT can centrally manage file storage, access and data protection across all locations.

APi Group explains in the case study and webinar how its new global file infrastructure provides:

  • Unlimited, cost-effective capacity to support unstructured data growth across all 200 locations
  • High-performance access to CAD drawings and other design files for end users in remote locations — without costly replication or WAN acceleration technologies
  • Simplified, seamless collaboration between users in different APi locations and client sites without file version conflicts
  • Advanced file protection, including a more extensive Disaster Recovery plan and improved RPOs and RTOs

Delivering Strategic Business Value

As a global company, APi grows through acquisitions. The new global file infrastructure with Azure and Nasuni supports this strategy by accelerating the integration of new offices. With IT remotely managing the process, new locations can join global file shares within minutes.

The shift away from legacy NAS infrastructure to a cloud-scale file services also supports APi’s strategic mandate to reduce IT’s capital expenditures. “Nasuni and Azure have enabled us to maintain an operational model rather than forcing us to go out every year and invest more of our capital budget in storage,” explains Skip Hansen, VP of IT Operations at APi Group.

The IT team reports others benefits from the new solution:

  • End users can work more efficiently because they’re not waiting for files, accelerating project timelines
  • IT support requests have plummeted, freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic work
  • The firm has been able to shift to the cloud years ahead of its anticipated timeline.

For more details on the implementation, including APi’s unique DR plan and some unexpected benefits, check out the case study.