Cloud Adoption Increases as Cloud Storage Security Fears Abate

New Gartner Report: Enterprise Cloud Adoption Increasing as Cloud Storage Security Fears Abate

A significant shift in how enterprises view the cloud is underway. We’re picking up on this in our conversations with customers, and a new Gartner report drills deeper into the trend, detailing what’s driving the increasing rate of cloud adoption, and why lingering fears around cloud storage security risk are being addressed by hybrid cloud solutions.

In this blog, I’ll summarize some of the key points in the Gartner report Cloud Adoption Trends Favor Public Cloud With a Hybrid Twist. But if you can’t wait to learn:

  1. What’s driving the accelerating rate of cloud adoption
  2. Why some companies are still reluctant to embrace cloud
  3. How the lines between hybrid, public and private clouds are blurring
  4. What key issues cloud service providers are addressing to win over the holdouts

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Cloud Storage Security Fears Linger

Gartner’s research shows that the cloud is becoming a significant driver of strategic and tactical advantages for enterprises. At the same time, though, news of the death of cloud fear has been exaggerated. There are still some companies that are reluctant to embrace the cloud because of concerns about privacy and security.

Cloud Providers Are Doing Their Part to Dispel Security Fear

Cloud providers have established a strong security record over the years, with very few incidents making front page news (some would argue internal datacenter hacks and theft are much more prevalent). Microsoft Azure, for example, has gone to great lengths to demonstrate that it meets a wide range of strict compliance standards.

Cloud providers have also addressed privacy concerns. Cloud success stories in healthcare, possibly the most privacy and security-conscious industry, are proving the cloud is a suitable storage medium for some of the most sensitive data out there, including electronic health records.

Hybrid Cloud Solution Providers Doing Their Part to Dispel Fear, Too

Allaying security fears isn’t solely the job of the major cloud providers, however. The providers of solutions and services that integrate with the cloud also need to do their part. The Gartner report indicates that hybrid cloud solutions that integrate on-premises components with the public cloud are in a unique position to help.

Nasuni is a good example. Our hybrid cloud file storage solution encrypts data on-premises with customer-controlled encryption keys before sending it to the cloud. By transmitting the encrypted data over a secure channel, and by making it impossible for the cloud provider or Nasuni to decrypt the data, the security perimeter of your company is effectively extended to the cloud.

Learn More and Decide for Yourself

Here at Nasuni, we see both sides of the cloud storage security coin. Our business is accelerating, indicating that fewer enterprises are letting cloud security concerns stop them. But we still run into cloud storage security fear.

We’re always happy to explain our security model to IT professionals, as well as the tactical and strategic benefits of the cloud. But don’t take it from us. Download the Gartner newsletter to learn how other enterprises are embracing the cloud, overcoming cloud storage security fears, and benefitting from this critical strategic shift.

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