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Five Things You Can Do If You Don’t Have to Pay for Backup


If you’re a typical enterprise IT department, caught between a multi-million dollar backup upgrade and a hard place, this post is for you. No CIO looks forward to spending millions on backup systems, because, at the end of the day, it’s a backup system. It’s guaranteed to be expensive and a pain in the neck to use, while at the same time, it doesn’t drive the business forward. Basically, you’re buying an expensive insurance policy, which is nothing to get excited about.

Nasuni offers a better solution. Instead of paying for that backup refresh, Nasuni customers can pay for a complete storage service that includes not only backup, but also global file sync, unlimited storage capacity, mobile access and disaster recovery – all for 30 to 50 percent of what you’d pay for a traditional global backup system alone.

As a hypothetical (and for the sake of math), let’s say Nasuni Cloud NAS saves customers 50%, or $1.5 million, on what a $3 million enterprise backup refresh would have cost. The savings are simple, but how to spend the money? What could a motivated IT department do with $1.5 million? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Beef up IT staff
As IT evolves, so do the roles needed to have a high-functioning IT department. With $1.5 million in hand, a strategic-minded CIO could hire with the future in mind. As InformationWeek pointed out earlier in the year, Big Data experts and business intelligence developers are two of the hottest IT jobs around. But, the pool of candidates is small, and that kind of talent is expensive. Redeploying IT assets away from backup and moving them towards data science expertise could pay big dividends in the long run.

2. Let the CMO have it
The CIO could walk down the hall into the CMO’s office and make marketing dreams come true. Break off a few dollars from your newly filled billfold and let the marketing department test that SaaS marketing automation software it has had its eye on, or maybe even that new social analytics program. Drive the business forward.

3. Do something awesome
Like give all your executives secure and easy access to the corporate fileshare from their phones and tablets.

Wait, that’s included in Nasuni.

How about beefing up your disaster recovery system so the next time some panicked staffer calls you to say he accidentally deleted the sales presentation and needs you to recover it to the London office in like 5 minutes and you say, “No problemo!” and, after you go pour yourself a much deserved cup of coffee, you do it with three minutes to spare. Because you are awesome.

Wait, nevermind, Nasuni does that, too. No extra charge. All right, then. What about deploying a system that will allow you to put the entire 500 TB global fileshare on a thumb drive? OK. Nasuni doesn’t do that. But why would you want to? You can access the entire global fileshare from anywhere you want, on any device you want using Nasuni.

4. Pizza is always a good idea (at least for those eating it)
50 Years of Pizza PartiesThere’s no law that says money saved by IT has to be redirected to a critical business purpose. With $1.5 million you could throw a pizza party for your staff every day for the next 50 years.

The generations to come will speak well of you, even though your sanity may come into question.

5. Simply take the savings (and tell your CFO)
Or you could not spend it and save the company $1.5 million. Give yourself a pat on the back. The CFO may just love you forever.