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File Systems, Clouds & the Future of Enterprise Storage: IDG CEO Interview Series Features Nasuni’s Andres Rodriguez

There’s a great new piece in Network World’s IDG CEO Interview Series, featuring a Q&A between Chief Content Officer John Gallant and our very own Andres Rodriguez. The pair, who met a few weeks back for an in-depth discussion, discuss the core technology behind Nasuni Enterprise File Services, what it’s like to go up against EMC and NetApp and why it’s so hard to create a cloud-ready file system in-house.

Check out the article for detailed discussions of other key topics, including:

  • How customers switch to the cloud with Enterprise File Services
  • The savings and flexibility companies can expect
  • How Nasuni manages the transition from NetApp and EMC
  • What Nasuni and the Nest thermostat have in common…really.

The pair also discuss when it’s not appropriate to deploy Nasuni, and how our Enterprise File Services product dovetails with high-performance flash arrays from Pure or Nutanix.

Take a look at the full article over at Network World, and send us a note if you have any questions.

Additional Resource:

Nasuni File Services – Combining the Best of Cloud and On-premises Storage

By combining the best features of cloud with the performance of local hardware, Nasuni delivers superior functionality and cost savings across organizations. This white paper is a primer on what every business should be looking for in an Enterprise File Services solution. Download it now to learn how you can get the most out of cloud storage.

Louis Abate

Louis Abate is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for technology. At Nasuni, he heads up digital marketing and multimedia content creation. With one eye on the flow of industry news and the other on Nasuni’s services, you’ll find Louis writing about the evolving storage industry, client success and trends affecting today's businesses.

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