Network World CEO Interview Series with Nasuni’s Andres Rodriguez

File Systems, Clouds & the Future of Enterprise Storage: IDG CEO Interview Series Features Nasuni’s Andres Rodriguez

There’s a great new piece in Network World’s IDG CEO Interview Series, featuring a Q&A between Chief Content Officer John Gallant and our very own Andres Rodriguez. The pair, who met a few weeks back for an in-depth discussion, discuss the core technology behind Nasuni Enterprise File Services, what it’s like to go up against EMC and NetApp and why it’s so hard to create a cloud-ready file system in-house.

Check out the article for detailed discussions of other key topics, including:

  • How customers switch to the cloud with Enterprise File Services
  • The savings and flexibility companies can expect
  • How Nasuni manages the transition from NetApp and EMC
  • What Nasuni and the Nest thermostat have in common…really.

The pair also discuss when it’s not appropriate to deploy Nasuni, and how our Enterprise File Services product dovetails with high-performance flash arrays from Pure or Nutanix.

Take a look at the full article over at Network World, and send us a note if you have any questions.

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