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File Storage – The Stack is Odd Against You

File-Storage-The-Stack-Is-Odd-Against-YouWait what? Isn’t that ‘the odds are stacked against you’? Yes, that too, but actually I wanted to address how odd today’s storage stack has become. It’s a mishmash of technologies layered on one after the other, each designed to address a shortcoming of its predecessor, none fully solving the problem. It reminds me a bit of that old kids song about swallowing a fly, and then a spider to catch the fly, and so on.

First, there’s the storage itself. Disks are slow and unreliable so we use RAID to stripe data across spindles. RAID has issues with rebuild times and still can fail. To address some of these issues this and try to scale it up we put disks into complex storage arrays. Storage arrays fail and users delete stuff they need – so we need backup. Backup takes too long so we need – guess what? – more disks instead of tape to speed it up, but we still need tape to get it off site, and maybe a third party to safely store the tapes. Both the primary and backup storage cannot be upgraded above a certain size so every few years we are refreshing technology and migrating data from the old to the new.

Of course none of this can survive a site disaster so we need replication of some kind to have a copy far away ready to go. We also need the data in remote offices so our users (remember them?) can collaborate on the company’s business. We use distribution or replication and yet another technology – WAN Optimization – to try to get too much of that data through too small a pipe out to those offices. All this and it just barely kind of works. It’s slow, expensive, complex and brittle and drives storage administrators crazy. Don’t forget – we also have to enable mobile access and sharing somehow so everybody stops putting company proprietary data on consumer grade sharing box services. We just want to have a place for our stuff that we can rely on.

It’s time to change a game that has been rigged against us. This is the mobile-internet-cloud era with ever-increasing compute horsepower, storage density and bandwidth. It’s time to take advantage of that, consolidate all the data and these storage requirements into one system that’s easy to manage and beat the odd(s). It’s time for The Nasuni Service.

The Nasuni Service consolidates your file data into one master copy in the cloud cached at the edge in local appliances that can be anywhere and provide local performance to users for their active data. The same data can be accessed at any point with cloud scale global file locking to protect it from conflicts. Unlimited snapshots, infinite scalability, backup and DR are built into a system that never needs to be replaced. It can grow to any amount of data and any number of locations while providing a single integrated view of your file data and storage system. Nasuni manages this for you and provides it as a service that can be tailored to your exact needs and grow (or shrink) as required. Even the hardware is leased so it can be upgraded as user loads increase without sunk capital expense. Learn how you can turn away from the odd and turn the odds in your favor. Check out The Nasuni Service.