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How to Fight Ransomware: New Infographic Details a Growing Threat to the Enterprise

Ransomware has evolved into such a successful and widespread attack that even national news outlets such as NPR have run stories on the subject. The attackers go after individuals, organizations and even hospitals, demanding that the targets pay ransoms to have their maliciously encrypted files unlocked. And these are only the public stories. The scary part of these attacks is the increasing frequency at which the ransom is being paid. Many businesses are willing to cut a check (or, initiate a bitcoin transfer) simply because it is the most efficient way to get their critical files back without disrupting business.

Our new infographic, How to Fight Ransomware, details the startling numbers behind the attacks, including the volume of files that can be infected, the payments demanded and more.


As you’ll see in the infographic, there are a few standard prevention techniques for fighting ransomware, but even if you follow these steps, the trojan can still strike. In that case, the only solution is to have a system that allows you to restore previous versions of the files before they were maliciously encrypted. To minimize the impact on business, this system should not depend on tapes or local backups, it should allow you to restore critical files in minutes, not hours or days, and it needs to store a complete history. Ransomware attacks can go undetected for a week or more, so a system built on limited snapshots would offer little help.

Fighting Ransomware With Nasuni

We know that Nasuni is an effective defense against ransomware because our clients have been telling us exactly that. One customer was able to avoid ransoms totaling $2M, and Nasuni helped the Lewis Group of Companies restore 62,000 encrypted files without paying a dime to the hackers.

The threat of a ransomware attack is unnerving, to say the least, but with the right storage system in place to protect your valuable data, it doesn’t have to be a concern at all. Learn more about how Nasuni uses infinite snapshots to replace backup and why this is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuable file data.

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