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The Field Museum Improves Agility and Saves 60% by Switching to Nasuni

A little more than a year ago, The Field Museum found itself in an extremely difficult position. The nonprofit, a leading exhibitor and an active scientific research institution, is in the process of digitizing its entire collection of 30 million items. But the IT group found that file storage and data protection costs were rising much faster than their budget allowed. End users were demanding capabilities IT couldn’t deliver with their existing file storage system. Something had to give.The nature of the data stored was changing, too. Generally, the IT group was noticing a shift away from structured and virtual machine data to files and other unstructured data. This unstructured data explosion is happening across industries, and may involve anything from simple office documents to complex engineering files. For The Field Museum, the three main sources of growth were:

  • High-resolution images
  • DNA sequencing data
  • Traditional office documents

The problem was that the nonprofit was relying on a traditional SAN that had not been optimized for files. Scaling was expensive and slow. Protecting its growing volume of files was both pricey and complex. Plus, the group just didn’t have the agility they needed to keep their end users happy.

Agile, On-Demand Scalability

The Field Museum’s researchers rely on grants. They don’t know whether they’ll need added capacity for a project until they secure funding. But when they do get the money, they need that added storage capacity yesterday. With a traditional SAN, the only options were to buy added capacity upfront – just in case the grants came through – or to add storage hardware once the funding was secure. The latter was too slow, and the former was simply not an option for a nonprofit that needs to allocate its budget as efficiently as possible.

“When we moved all the data to Nasuni, our clientele inside the museum noted that access to that data was actually happening faster.”

Now that The Field Museum has switched to Nasuni Enterprise File Services™, the nonprofit:

  • Upgraded to scalable, on-demand, cost-effective file storage
  • Cut file storage costs by 60%
  • Eliminated the backup maintenance window, ensuring that researchers have 24/7 access to files
  • Simplified management through a single-pane-of-glass tool designed to make IT’s job easier
  • Enhanced data protection and reduced RPOs and RTOs

The Field Museum’s researchers now enjoy the on-demand scalability they need for their grant-funded work. The nonprofit’s end users are still getting the high-performance access to files they’d become accustomed to with the SAN, but IT no longer has to worry about purchasing or maintaining expensive storage hardware.

Hear directly from Rob Zschernitz, Chief Technology Officer of The Field Museum

In the end, Nasuni Enterprise File Services™ is saving the nonprofit significant time and money, but it’s also allowing both IT and the researchers to worry less about their file problems, and focus more on the work that really matters. Watch our video case study for more insights from The Field Museum’s Chief Technology Officer, and take a look at how organizations across numerous industries are leveraging Nasuni to solve their file problems.


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