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Embracing What Was Once Feared

Man-with-Friendly-CloudLast year I wrote a blog post describing how the fear of cloud is dead. We see evidence of this trend everyday. Customers are moving critical file workloads to cloud storage using Nasuni without batting an eye. So I shouldn’t be surprised about the shift to the many advantages of cloud. What stunned me recently is just what this change has done to one of the giants of our industry.

JP Morgan recently surveyed more than 200 CIOs. One of the questions they asked: “Which IT mega-vendor will be most critical and indispensable to your organization’s IT environment in the future, and why?” In the answer, Cisco has fallen behind Microsoft and AWS, to a distant third. Yes, third. This shift has been written about in Barron’s, CIO, and more recently TechRepublic. It has really opened my eyes, even as someone deeply involved in cloud technologies.

I’ve been in many datacenters and data closets in my life, and Cisco has been ubiquitous. Sure, they have their competitors, but they have also moved up the stack (we have customers who run Nasuni VMs on UCS). The network is everything. We still talk about the collection of computing equipment that IT runs as ‘the network’. But this has changed.

The network is now just the plumbing. What’s important is the water and where you get it. Where we once drilled our own wells, now there’s public infrastructure to use. According to the 200+ CIOs polled, that cloud infrastructure is critical and indispensable. The plumbing is more of a commodity. The shift has been accelerating for a while, but this data shows that we’ve now passed the tipping point. Not only is there no longer reluctance to embrace the cloud for enterprise storage. Now there is a rush of enthusiasm.

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