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Cut the Fat Out of Your IT Budget With This One Neat Trick

Saving-Money-Stock-PhotoTake a look at your IT budget. Take the cap off your red pen. Run a line straight through all backup costs. Doesn’t that look better?

This isn’t a self-actualization exercise. It’s something that can be a reality. And it’s easy. How many things in life are easy, and worthwhile, and save you a ton of money? When it comes to enterprise IT, the answer is – virtually none.

One of the few exceptions is backup, a nuisance insurance policy that drives CIOs up the wall. Not only is backup a major financial expense, but it’s also a tedious timewaster for employees. Even worse, it’s a system that fails quietly. Rotting tapes and corrupted backups are easy to miss, until it comes time to restore important data. Disk-to-disk backup is an improvement in some ways, but upfront hardware costs are a major concern. And it’s not just hardware, there’s power and cooling costs that pile on each month, not to mention the additional personnel required to operate the system.

Cloud backup has come along to eliminate many of these problems, but it brings a few of its own, including licensing costs, contracts, and slow speed. And, at the end of the day, backup is still no better than an insurance policy, even though there are real consequences for IT employees should they lose data. Backup in all the above forms are not a productive use of limited IT dollars.

Eliminating backup costs can be as simple as throwing tape backup into the trash. Cloud-integrated storage does backup better than any available backup plays, but with the added benefit of doing a whole bunch of other critical things: primary storage, global access to the fileshare, mobile access, instant disaster recovery, centralized management and infinite scale. There are major savings to be had by plugging cloud-integrated storage in place of backup and those savings can be magnified when traditional storage services are replaced as well.

Now, there is an obvious objection when asking someone to ditch their backups – and we’ve heard it many times before: How do we know cloud-integrated storage is safe and reliable? Prove it.

OK, we will.

Cloud-integrated storage puts the gold copy of the entire global fileshare in the cloud, copies it to multiple locations, and, if desired, mirrors it to a second cloud without disrupting the production environment, which in turn creates more copies in more locations. Customers can create as many snapshots as they want, enabling them to restore any version of any file to any location in just a few mouse clicks. And while all that goes on in the cloud, there’s still an on-premises machine that’s caching data, all guaranteeing nothing is ever lost. It’s redundancy built on top of redundancy, making for an infallible system.

And as far as cost goes, the proof is in the pudding as they say. Nasuni customers have not been shy about the savings they’ve experienced. We like to let them, and our results, speak for themselves.