Case Study

Faith Regional Health Services

Scalable PACS Storage, Built-in Data Protection, and Ultra-fast DR for Faith Regional Health Services

Faith Regional Health Services saves 260% over 3 in storage costs years with Nasuni

Faith Regional Health Services treats more than 150,000 patients across 13 counties in the midwestern U.S. Like many hospitals, Faith Regional’s rapid growth was putting pressure on its file infrastructure, creating challenges for both its IT organization and its clinicians. As Faith Regional’s cardiology practice expanded, its Storage-Area Network (SAN) could no longer provide sufficient capacity to store the increasing number of PACS images, as well as the other file data. Forseeing continued growth, the IT organization did not want to undertake an expensive SAN or NAS refresh, only to have to do it again in 3 years. Faith Regional turned to Nasuni to satisfy its storage and data protection requirements with a single solution that has reduced PACS storage costs more than 40%, while meeting the firm’s HIPAA compliance standards. Furthermore, Nasuni gives this fast-growing hospital a more flexible and cost-effective cloud infrastructure for the future.

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Microsoft Azure
  • backup/DR to the cloud
  • NAS consolidation
  • scalable storage that reduces costs by 260% over 3 years
  • rapid DR; 80% reduction in infrastructure
  • annual backup costs eliminated
  • strong security to protect sensitive data
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