Case Study

Environmental Systems Design


Global Architecture and Engineering Firm Achieves Automated Data Protection and Enhanced Productivity

Environmental Systems Design turned to Nasuni to eliminate the costly, time-consuming process of maintaining backups.

Environmental Systems Designs (ESD) works on everything from modern data centers and office buildings to skyscrapers like the Kingdom’s Tower in Saudi Arabia. The company, headquartered in Chicago, has more than 280 employees— including 140 engineers— and offices across the globe. ESD had enough capacity to handle its data. The challenge was protecting that data, as its backup solutions couldn’t keep up with production data. IT wanted a solution that was easy to implement and manage and cost effective to scale. Company data needed to be accessible from anywhere in the event of a local disaster, and IT needed backup to run smoothly in the background without impacting the productivity of ESD’s designers and engineers. Once the ESD team solidified their wish list, they determined that Nasuni met every requirement, providing a global cloud platform that delivered unlimited scale, high-performance file access, fast recoveries, and more.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Amazon Web Services
  • unlimited scalability with a capacity-based cost model
  • enterprise-grade data protection
  • central management
  • local performance for end users and applications
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