Case Study

City and County of Denver

Every few years in a system’s life, IT teams must make a big decision: Do we continue to update what we have, or should we replace it with a new solution? That was the question the Technology Services Department for the City and County of Denver needed to answer as it explored options for primary and backup data storage. “We wanted to get out of the business of managing infrastructure and facilities for data storage and instead move our focus to delivering value,” says Sean Greer, director of IT service delivery for the City and County of Denver, in describing his department’s work to modernize data storage. This work, part of Denver’s transition from on-premises data centers to cloud services, began with several goals. Read the case study to learn more about the value the City and County of Denver is seeing with Nasuni.

  • SLED
  • simplified management
  • significant cost savings on file storage hardware
  • unlimited, on-demand file server capacity
  • IT freed from mundane tasks; faster, simpler disaster recoveries
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