Case Study

Cheil Worldwide

Global Marketing Firm Transitions to Cloud File Services to Reduce Costs, Improve Agility, and Boost Collaboration

Cheil uses Nasuni to extend the scale and durability of AWS cloud storage to multiple offices worldwide

Cheil Worldwide, a marketing company under the Samsung Group, has 53 offices on five continents. Offering a range of advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and other services, Cheil has compiled a long list of brand-name clients, including Absolut, adidas, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft. The company’s European Headquarters had been relying on traditional NAS storage hardware, but the maintenance fees on the hardware had climbed so high that it would have been less expensive to buy an entirely new box. As Cheil and other global marketing agencies work with more 4K and 8K videos, Adobe Creative files, and documents, the volume of files stored is growing rapidly. This growth isn’t predictable: At Cheil, an office’s file storage needs will expand and contract with its work and the nature of its engagements with clients. The traditional approach to storing files wasn’t suited to this kind of business. Nasuni has given Cheil a simple, flexible cloud platform that reduces costs, increases agility, and boosts global collaboration.

  • Media & Advertising
  • Amazon Web Services
  • cloud backup
  • cloud first
  • digital transformation
  • multi-site file collaboration
  • NAS consolidation
  • ROBO file storage
  • unlimited primary file storage
  • elimination of backup
  • introducing DR at multiple locations
  • simpler management for small IT staff
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