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Nasuni COVID-19 Response

Our Commitment and How Nasuni Can Help

Paul Flanagan, CEO

As the situation related to the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve, we wanted to update you on our business continuity protocols, customer support status and product capabilities to assist you in dealing with this issue.

Nasuni is prepared to fully support a 100% remote working situation, including our operations and support teams. Our product is cloud-native, and our cloud services components are based in AWS, so there is no dependency on a Nasuni office or data center. We do not anticipate any service interruptions.

Nasuni Support will continue to operate normally with full coverage. We will monitor the situation and assess the safety of our employees. If necessary, we are prepared to activate our mobile workforce procedure which enables all Nasuni employees including Nasuni Customer Support to remain fully functional while working remotely to provide full support capabilities to you. Your access to support and the process to contact us will remain unchanged. Our contact information can be found at We will post updates in the Nasuni Community Portal as the situation develops.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that every Nasuni Edge Appliance includes remote web-access capabilities at no extra cost. Your subscription includes the ability to remotely deploy and manage appliances and end user remote access to files regardless of where they are working. We will rely on these Nasuni capabilities ourselves as part of our own internal deployment should we need to activate our mobile workforce procedures. We hope this can be of assistance during this challenging time.

The health, safety and well-being of our customers and employees is of paramount concern. We continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation and are here to assist our customers as needed.

Thank you,

Paul Flanagan


Updated: 3/30/2020

Customer Resources

For your convenience, we are providing video resources on our remote access capabilities.

Support Resources

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