Russ Kennedy | Nasuni

Russ Kennedy

Chief Product Officer

Russ Kennedy drives product innovation at Nasuni. With more than 25 years experience in the storage industry, Russ is a leader in developing powerful technological solutions to address exponential data growth.

Prior to the cloud era, Russ directed product strategy at several storage companies, including StorageTek, where he was responsible for bringing to market several industry-leading solutions. In 2007, Russ began driving technology development at Cleversafe, and continued to do so through its successful acquisition by IBM in 2015. At Cleversafe and IBM, he delivered market-leading solutions to help customers address storage needs surrounding the exponential growth of unstructured data. He also began working closely with Nasuni, and arrived at the conclusion that Nasuni’s cloud-native file system is the only data management technology that truly aligns with the strengths of object storage.

As Chief Product Officer, Russ is focused on ensuring that Nasuni’s cloud-native file system continues to help customers meet unstructured data growth challenges, move data and workloads to the cloud, and deliver transformative results to the business. He ensures that Nasuni technology continues to address the most difficult enterprise storage challenges – the ones our competitors cannot – and does so cost-effectively. At the same time, he maintains a maniacal focus on ensuring that Nasuni customers derive the maxium benefit from the technology.

An avid cyclist and hiker, Russ resides in Boulder, Colorado with his family. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Colorado State University and an MBA from the University of Colorado.