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Nasuni and AWS Thought Leadership Panel: The Second Decade of Cloud Computing


When: May 20, 2020 | 2pm ET

With the current state of global affairs reshaping the way we work, and business continuity on the forefront of IT Strategies, its clear the COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed the importance of the Cloud into the spotlight. As we move into the second decade of Cloud, it is important this technology continue to remain vibrant, available, and as flexible than ever before, but that it also evolves into something much more substantial: a lifeline. Join this dynamic panel discussion and hear from industry leaders at Nasuni, AWS and former NetApp leadership to will gain a comprehensive insight into future IT strategies covering:

• How to paint your vision of using the cloud to its fullest potential
• The hidden financial aspects and building a solid business justification
• How the cloud will look in 2025