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5 Reasons Why Traditional Backup Doesn’t Work During a Ransomware Attack

WHEN: November 18, 2020 | 11:00 AM EDT

The evolution of ransomware has spurred many organizations to focus on plans for recovering from attacks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Companies have relied on traditional backup to restore access to recent versions of data without having to pay the ransom from cyber-attacks. As more companies shift to the cloud, reliance on a traditional backup solution is no longer a sound strategy as they may require weeks to recover files and lack the scale needed to handle distributed attacks.

Join three cyber-security experts as they discuss the limitations of traditional backup when it comes to ransomware and how modern cloud solutions are stepping in to fill the gap when it comes to:
· Rapid file restoration
· Multi-site restoration
· Training, testing and preparing for attacks
· Predictable RPO’s and RTO’s that help your business manage risk
· Immutable file storage options other than tape