Nasuni PRIMARY leverages the low cost, scalability, and durability of on-premises or public cloud object storage to transform the storage of active files. It’s the first software-defined NAS solution that offers:

  • Limitless capacity without hardware upgrades
  • Instant access to files from any location
  • Continuous file versioning and instant recovery
  • Freedom from ever having to move data again

Infinite Primary Capacity

Powered by the UniFS® global file system, Nasuni PRIMARY deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts your files, then stores them as WORM objects in on-premises or public cloud object storage. Capacity and expansion are limitless, since they’re backed by the limitless capacity of your object storage.

Instant File Access

Your business cannot afford cloud egress charges or latency. Nasuni PRIMARY stores all your files in cloud storage, but caches active files on Nasuni Edge Appliances. These virtual or physical appliances are sized to fit your active workloads, and can be quickly provisioned in any office or in the cloud. With nearly a 99% cache hit rate, users and applications access files at local LAN speeds. And IT eliminates the massive hardware footprint and tedious data migrations of traditional NAS.

Better Backup

Nasuni Continuous File Versioning technology captures changes to files as they occur and stores them in object storage. You can recover any version of any file to any edge appliance in any location in minutes. With best-in-class recovery points and recovery times, the cost and complexity of traditional file backup is no longer needed.

Better DR

Nasuni’s cloud-first architecture automatically protects all files and metadata in your geo-replicated object storage. Should disaster strike any office, Nasuni Edge Appliances can be provisioned in any safe location or in the cloud. It only takes minutes to rehydrate each appliance with enough metadata to restore file system access, and files will be automatically cached as users start browsing. It’s instant DR, without the cost and complexity of dedicated DR sites.

Multi-Cloud Support

Nasuni PRIMARY ingests data through standard CIFS/SMB or NFS file sharing protocols for maximum application compatibility, then writes to your object storage using object storage interfaces for broad cloud compatibility. Store files in your favorite cloud provider’s storage, or follow a multi-cloud strategy to keep your options open.

No More Tiers (Or Tears)

IT has always suffered trying to classify data as primary or secondary, store primary data on ever-larger file servers and NAS devices, and migrate secondary data to lower-cost archive tiers for long-term retention. Nasuni PRIMARY shares the same platform as Nasuni ARCHIVE to consolidate primary and secondary file data in one global file system. As primary files become inactive, they are automatically reclassified as Nasuni ARCHIVE to reduce your Nasuni subscription cost. You never have to move data or worry about tiers – or tears – again.

Nasuni PRIMARY Specifications

Cloud Object Storage

Public Cloud: Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Dell EMC Virtustream, IBM Cloud

Private Cloud (on-premises): Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Object Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Western Digital ActiveScale

Archive Capacity

Limitless – capacity of cloud storage

Max Number of Files Capacity


Max File Size


Nasuni Edge Appliances

Virtual: Amazon EC2; Azure; Microsoft Hyper-V; Nutanix AHV; VMware ESXi
Physical: Nasuni Dell OEM appliances in various configurations – see Nasuni Edge Appliance data sheet

Access / Migration

CIFS, NFS, and HTTPS protocol support to support any app; automated migration to cloud storage

Retention Period


Verisoning Frequency

As often as once a minute

Storage Reduction

Average 40% through deduplication and compression


Files encrypted using AES 256 with customer-owned keys; stored in WORM format (never overwritten)


Active Directory and LDAP integration for file authentication and access

Disaster Recovery

Local warm standby to mitigate device failure and remote (cloud) warm standby to mitigate site failure

Number of Locations

Read and write access from any number of locations with NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE premium service

Retrieval Time

Seconds from cloud storage; milliseconds from Nasuni Edge Appliance cache


Built-in and API for integration with Syslog and other third-party tools; integration with Varonis Data Security
Platform for threat detection and Chain of Custody monitoring

File Auditing

Integration with Varonis Data Security Platform for threat detection and Chain of Custody monitoring


REST API with Etag support and Active Directory-based authentication


Priced per TB; annual subscription; cloud storage purchased separately

Nasuni PRIMARY Benefits for Business

  • Store files without ever running out of space or having to waste time cleaning up directories.
  • Get local, LAN-speed access to files with the infinite scalability of the cloud.
  • Recover any version of any file to almost any point in time.
  • Access file data from anywhere (requires NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE premium service) to boost productivity.
  • Collaborate on files without version conflict (requires NASUNI COLLABORATE premium service) to minimize data loss.

Nasuni PRIMARY Benefits for IT

  • Achieve cloud-first objectives by moving traditional NAS and file server workloads to cloud object storage.
  • Consolidate primary file storage and archive file storage in a single unified platform.
  • Reduce the cost of storing primary file data as it ages with automated reclassification to the lower cost archive.
  • Eliminate having to do bulk data migrations or forklift upgrades ever again.
  • Reduce on-premises primary storage and associated floor space, power and cooling up to 80%.
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional file backup and dedicated DR infrastructure.
  • Scale primary file storage capacity instantly, without purchasing and deploying more hardware.
  • Minimize the need to manage WAN acceleration, replication, remote access, and file transfer tools for multi-site file sharing (requires NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE premium service).
  • Ensure long-term data integrity, security, and no vendor access to files with end-to-end encryption, WORM storage, and the advanced security capabilities of leading cloud storage solutions.

Part of a Consolidated Platform

Nasuni PRIMARY is a standard service offering of the Nasuni Cloud File Services platform. All Nasuni services are powered by the UniFS global file system, which makes private or public cloud object storage the best place to store your files.

Primary file storage, backup, and DR for traditional NAS and file server workloads.

Affordable, long-term file storage and rapid retrievall for cool file workloads.

Multi-site file sharing, large file transfer, and version alignment.

Global file locking for multi-site collaboration without version conflict.