Nasuni COLLABORATE enables users in any worldwide location to work on the same files without version conflict. It’s the only solution that offers:

  • Global file locking at any scale
  • Redundant cloud-based lock servers and automated lock failover
  • Minimal impact on WAN traffic
  • Special lock modes for collaborative apps like Revit and Teamcenter

Scalable Multi-Site File Locking

To make object storage suitable to store files and offer collaboration features like file locking, a file system is needed. But simply extending device-based file locking to other storage devices using a master lock server creates network bottlenecks, introduces a single point of failure, and limits scalability. That’s why NASUNI COLLABORATE, powered by Nasuni’s patented UniFS global file system and featuring Nasuni Global File Lock™ (GFL) technology, is architected as a scalable cloud service.

Built-In Redundancy

NASUNI COLLABORATE leverages the cloud to offer redundant lock servers with automated failover. All Nasuni Edge Appliances that provide access to active files look to the redundant, cloud-based lock manager to create and release locks. The cloud allows for an implementation that is globally available, infinitely scalable, and transparent to users and IT administrators.

WAN Optimized

The secure use of public internet links offloads file locking traffic from the WAN, reducing MPLS and WAN acceleration costs. All locking traffic is encrypted using the AES-256 standard with customer-owned keys and a one-way hash to maximize security.

Lock Modes for Multi-User Apps

NASUNI COLLABORATE provides local-only locks equivalent to traditional NAS as well as multiple GFL modes that can be tailored to support highly collaborative, multi-user Business Information Modeling (BIM) applications such as Revit and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) apps such as Teamcenter.

Nasuni COLLABORATE Specifications

Cloud Object Storage

Public Cloud: Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Dell EMC Virtustream, IBM Cloud

Private Cloud (on-premises): Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Object Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Western Digital ActiveScale

Lock Service

Amazon AWS

Lock Servers

Amazon US East, Amazon US West, and Amazon Asia Pacific regions

Lock Modes

Local; multiple GFL modes

Number of Locations

Unlimited – files can be collaborated on across any number of locations

Number of Files

Unlimited – locks can be applied to any number of files

Conflict Resolution

WORM storage model ensures no data is ever lost; Nasuni Global Volume Manager sequences all files according to date/time stamp; conflicting versions and original file presented in same directory for
inspection and resolution by IT administrator or end user

Conflict Notification

Automatically generated by Nasuni Management Console (NMC); other tools via NMC API

Lock Administration

NMC enables IT to centrally break locks, restore any version of any file, and resolve conflicts in any location


All locking traffic encrypted using AES 256 with customer-owned keys and one-way hash

Lock Traffic

Use of public internet links offloads traffic from WAN


Priced per TB; annual subscription; requires Nasuni PRIMARY and Nasuni SYNCHRONIZE as prerequisite services; cloud storage purchased separately

Nasuni COLLABORATE Benefits for Business

  • Improve productivity by being able to work on the same files from multiple locations without version conflict.

  • Accelerate projects and streamline workflows by saving the time previously spent reconciling file changes and 
recovering overwritten work. 

Nasuni COLLABORATE Benefits for IT

  • Minimize the need to manage WAN acceleration, replication, remote access, and file transfer tools for multi-site file collaboration.
  • Spend less time resolving data corruption issues related to file version conflicts.
  • Achieve cloud-first objectives by trading in limited, device-based file locking for scalable, cloud-based global file locking.

Part of a Consolidated Platform

Nasuni COLLABORATE is a standard service offering of the Nasuni Cloud File Services platform. All Nasuni services are powered by the UniFS global file system, which makes private or public cloud object storage the best place to store your files.

Primary file storage, backup, and DR for traditional NAS and file server workloads.

Affordable, long-term file storage and rapid retrievall for cool file workloads.

Multi-site file sharing, large file transfer, and version alignment.

Global file locking for multi-site collaboration without version conflict.