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Cloud Storage Costs Less Than Traditional Enterprise File Storage: Customer Proof

Many enterprises want to modernize their file infrastructures using cloud storage. But is there really a hard dollar savings in moving traditional file workloads to...

Creative Agency IDL Worldwide Transforms its Business with a New Collaboration Strategy – Webinar Recap

Nasuni’s “Customer First” webinar series gives our customers a platform to share their experiences and business results from modernizing their file infrastructure with our enterprise...

How to Accelerate Revit Sync with Central and Solve Other File Storage Challenges

Today’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) companies are facing two realities: Firms are expanding within their regions or around the world to generate more business...
Dell EMC ECS and Nasuni

EMC Constellation (Maginatics) Alternative – EMC ECS and Nasuni

Many technology vendors have a “coopetition” relationship, sometimes partnering and sometimes competing. Recently, I’ve been doing more partnering with my Dell EMC solution engineer counterparts,...
laptop group

6 Reasons Your Creative Team Should Use a Cloud File System for Mac File Sharing

If you’re part of a large, distributed creative design team, you’re probably looking for a new way to share files between Macs. Whether you’re using...
UniFS new approach to file systems

Nasuni UniFS®: A New Type of Global File System Designed for the Cloud

A file system is a file system is a file system, right? Well, not really. While any short list would include FAT, NTFS, NFS, ZFS,...
6 requirements of scalable cloud file storage

6 Requirements of Scalable Cloud File Storage for the Global Enterprise

An increasing number of global enterprises are adopting a cloud-first strategy in search of a better way to store, protect, share and manage their growing...
Gartner market trends report 2017 cloud adoption

New Gartner Report: Enterprise Cloud Adoption Increasing as Cloud Storage Security Fears Abate

A significant shift in how enterprises view the cloud is underway. We’re picking up on this in our conversations with customers, and a new Gartner...
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The Hidden Link Between Capacity and NAS Performance Degradation in Traditional File Systems

One of the primary selling points of traditional file systems from vendors such as NetApp and EMC is their superior performance. I know this because...
State of backup in 2017

4 Features IT Should Expect from a Backup Solution

No IT group loves their backup. It’s expensive. It’s difficult to manage. And it often fails to come through when you need it most. So...
File migration design

The Hidden Costs of Data Migration, Part II: Corruption, Loss & Impact on IT

In my previous post, I talked about the data migration process, and why it often takes so much more time than anticipated. These unexpected delays...
Fish jumping to bigger fishbowl

The Hidden Costs of Data Migration, Part I: Time

Nobody in IT welcomes a major data migration project, but the legacy storage vendors trap companies into going through them every three to five years....
73% relative savings and benefits

Are You Paying Too Much for File Storage?

I’ve never met a CFO who feels he or she is paying the right amount for file storage. In fact, over the last decade, storage...
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How Storage Can Be Transformed into a True Enterprise Asset

Before cloud, the storage refresh cycle was an unfortunate reality for every enterprise. At some point, as you started to fill up your local disk...
Overcoming the data deluge

Overcoming The Data Deluge [Infographic]

You’ve heard it before: data is growing at an exponential rate. This isn’t news to most individuals in the IT space, but the extent at which...
Archetecture design

Creating a Complex Mesh in Your File Store

Global File Systems use two basic architectures to leverage the cloud and provide file access across multiple locations. One is a hub-and-spoke model with the...