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Customer Stories | Case Study: The Walsh Group

Leading U.S. Contracting Firm Depends on Nasuni for Cloud File Storage and Enhanced Collaboration

Industry: Architecture & Construction

Global File System: Nasuni

Cloud Storage: Amazon S3

Sites: 67    Users: 5,000

Key Applications:

HCSS, Microsoft Office, Bluebeam

Established in 1898, The Walsh Group has been one of America’s largest general contracting, construction management, and design-build firms for 120 years and is currently recognized in the top fifteen in the country. The Walsh Group provides design, build, finance, operation and outfitting services, and employs more than 5,000 engineers and skilled tradesmen.

Although The Walsh Group is based in Chicago, it operates eighteen offices across North America and includes three individual companies, Walsh Construction, Archer Western, and Walsh Canada, in its organization. The Walsh Group is dedicated to exceptional customer service, upholding the highest standard of ethics, quality, and safety, and their commitment to representing these values is what makes them a world-class organization.

The Walsh Group’s Pain

Over the last few years, IT at The Walsh Group has experienced an increased demand from end users to access data across multiple offices. As The Walsh Group’s projects have become increasingly global, expertise from multiple geographies is often involved in a single bid or project. The productivity and responsiveness of their distributed teams were limited by IT’sability to make the same files instantly available to many users across all of their offices.

The IT team at The Walsh Group began looking at a range of technologies to address the challenges of deploying and maintaining a global file share for all of their offices. However, none of these technologies could meet the expectations of The Walsh Group’s end users or IT’s requirements.

The Walsh Group’s IT team found that the following technologies could not deliver what they needed in a single solution to address their challenges with deploying a global file share:

  • VPN: Unacceptable performance with limited reach, capabilities, and access to users
  • SharePoint: Uploading and distributing photos and videos from the field was difficult
  • DFS-R: Excess time and resources required to manage remote storage infrastructure

“As an organization, flexibility and productivity are key: we have talent and experience in particular areas. With Nasuni, we have extended the reach of these talents and expertise into the different geographies across the entire organization.”

Mike Driscoll, Infrastructure Architect


The Walsh Group deployed Nasuni, combining virtual and physical appliances to take advantage of existing local infrastructure and saw immediate returns on their investment:

  • Users are able to access the global share from any office, anytime
  • Data growth and protection is handled seamlessly by Nasuni
  • Daily operation requires little to no management

Across The Walsh Group’s organization, there has been an increase in productivity as teams across the country working with consistent files have eliminated lost man-hours.

Why The Walsh Group Chose Nasuni

During their rigorous testing of Nasuni, The Walsh Group’s IT team verified that Nasuni’s all-in-one solution, which combines local storage controllers with the best-of-breed public cloud storage, could deliver a global file share with enterprise-level performance, data protection and security.

Ultimately, The Walsh Group chose Nasuni not because of how well we met their technical requirements, but because of the business value Nasuni brings in terms of:

  • Sharing: Files are available everywhere they need to be
  • Simplicity: All-in-one solution that deploys quickly and delivers file sharing, primary storage with built-in backup and offsite protection
  • Security: Complete confidence that data can be read and accessed only by Walsh
  • Protection: Every office can have the same level of enterprise-grade data protection as HQ
  • Reliability: No risk of data loss, drastic reduction in downtime, and proactive monitoring

The Walsh Group sees Nasuni as playing a key role in increasing productivity and reducing inefficiencies across their distributed teams.

“Traditionally, offices were siloed, independent entities, but now we’ve become a much more collaborative environment with offices working together–teams on the East Coast working on West Coast projects. Nasuni synchronizes all our file data, gives our users the performance of local access and enables us to effectively address an ever-growing volume of files while making it possible to easily and securely share those files with our employees no matter where they are located.”

Mike Driscoll, Infrastructure Architect