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Customer Stories | Case Study: Kimley-Horn

Civil Engineering Firm Cuts Capital Costs by 50% and Centralizes File Data with Nasuni® and AWS

Industry: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Global File System: Nasuni

Cloud Storage: Amazon S3

Use Cases:

File Server Consolidation;
Backup/DR to the Cloud;
Multi-site Collaboration;
Data Center Consolidation; Business Continuity


Significant cost savings on file storage hardware; unlimited, on-demand file server capacity; accelerated deployment of large projects; IT freed from mundane tasks; faster, simpler disaster recoveries

Kimley-Horn turns to Nasuni cloud file storage to simplify data protection, shrink its hardware footprint, and support engineering collaboration

One of the nation’s premier planning, engineering, and design consulting firms, Kimley-Horn has more than 4,000 staff members in nearly 100 U.S. offices. The IT team needed to ensure that their colleagues have what they need to work efficiently and support the company’s larger strategic goals. For such highly distributed organization, this was an enormous challenge — especially with regard to files. “Our file data was siloed in 80+ locations across the country, stuck in these islands of direct-attached storage,” explains Chris Stetson, Vice President, IT Infrastructure at Kimley-Horn. With Nasuni, the company was able to cut capital costs by 50% and centralize file data while shrinking its hardware footprint.

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