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Case Study: Ixia

Driving Growth and Innovation

Industry: Manufacturing

Global File System: Nasuni

Object Storage: Amazon AWS

Sites: 9    Users: 2,500

  • Nasuni for Manufacturing

    Solution Brief

    Nasuni for Manufacturing

    Powered by the first global file system designed to live in Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and other public and private cloud object stores, Nasuni is the modern, pay-as-you-grow file services solution for today’s distributed design and manufacturing teams.

Ixia’s history of growth through mergers and acquisitions fueled a need for an efficient, cost-effective way to absorb new information and distribute it rapidly around the globe. After evaluating several data storage technologies, Ixia chose Nasuni for its innovative scaling and data sharing capabilities. Using Nasuni, Ixia is able to quickly absorb new entities and support a global developer team with fast, convenient access to information. The resulting reduction in IT overhead enables IT to be a business enabler rather than a hindrance to the innovation and productivity of the organization.

Ixia’s Pain

Support M&A — Since 2008, Ixia has acquired one to two companies per year. This rapid expansion introduces new opportunities for revenue, but challenges IT to integrate new businesses effectively. Incorporating new businesses into the existing IT infrastructure requires quickly moving data from the acquired company into the protected Ixia environment, as well as pushing data from Ixia to new locations. Due to the frequency of acquisitions, Ixia needed a solution that seamlessly turns on new offices and unifies them with the rest of the business, maximizing productivity immediately after acquisition.

Accelerate Developer Productivity — At Ixia, developers are the core expense of the business as well as the main drivers of revenue, which means that increasing developer productivity dramatically improves the bottom line. To maximize productivity, Ixia leverages developers around the world for multiple products. This global developer team requires design data to be ubiquitous.

In the past, Ixia was continuously investing incremental budget and personnel resources in “Do-it-Yourself” replication solutions (examples: rsync, Robocopy etc.) in order to support development. However, with teams in many locations, this solution was not cost effective and did not scale to meet their needs. As a result, IT needed a way to decrease the operational burden of making data available in order to impact the bottom line.

“Nasuni simplifies the distribution and cost of storing data. Having that data available relatively quickly with low overhead is an extremely valuable asset of the Nasuni relationship.”
Mazi Fayazfar, Senior Director of Information Technology

Manage Costs — The goal of the IT organization at Ixia is to accelerate innovation and optimize technical solutions to drive business goals. Like most companies, Ixia faces constraints on IT headcount and resources, driving a need to minimize hardware and software footprints in each office. Traditional data storage technology has resulted in a significant hardware footprint and IT resources in each office, causing an unmanageable overhead burden. Ixia needed a new data storage solution with low overhead so IT could focus on core business opportunities with direct impact to revenue.


To support growth, Nasuni is part of the standard bill of materials for new offices, providing a container to encapsulate all data from the acquired company and assimilate it efficiently with Ixia infrastructure. Using Nasuni, Ixia writes the data to the service and instantly has a distribution, disaster recovery, backup and business continuity solution for the new locations.

Ixia deployed Nasuni in multiple locations to make data available to developers in every office. As a result, developers everywhere have consistent access to a single gold copy of data, maximizing team productivity. Data in Nasuni is also made available to offshore manufacturing companies, streamlining communications and reducing chance of error.

The shift to Nasuni and data storage as a service significantly reduces the cost per TB of storage, allowing IT to continue to support the expanding needs of users, without slowing down or worrying about the bottom line expenses exceeding top line revenues. Furthermore, Nasuni Storage Infrastructure as a Service dramatically reduces the IT organization’s overhead and frees IT to focus on strategic business projects.

Why Nasuni

Ixia chose Nasuni because it is a full service solution rather than a data storage point product. Partnering with Nasuni meant that Ixia did not have to compile a complete data storage solution of multiple components sourced from different vendors. Together, the Nasuni on-premises appliance, cloud storage and customer support solve five problems at Ixia, freeing IT to focus on improving business functions and subsequently drive more revenue.

“It’s a simple ROI. Once you test and believe in the premise of moving to cloud storage, it’s a very simple equation to understand that Nasuni delivers real cost savings.”
Mazi Fayazfar, Senior Director of Information Technology