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Customer Stories | Case Study: Cooley Group

Increasing Efficiency with Local Access to Global Shared Storage

Industry: Manufacturing

Global File System: Nasuni

Cloud Storage: Amazon S3

Sites: 3    

As an industrial manufacturer of high performance fabrics, the Cooley Group is at their most efficient when their facilities are operating – any downtime cuts into their already thin margins. To keep their machines running, all of the teams within the Cooley Group – sales, engineering, QA, and operations – need to share files across offices for reporting results, policies, and procedures. Deploying Nasuni increased productivity across the company by dramatically improving data access and replication across offices, while simplifying the IT infrastructure and delivering better business continuity.

Cooley Group’s Pain: Replicating Files across Offices

One of Cooley’s biggest challenges has been getting data where it needs to be quickly and efficiently. All of Cooley’s servers have traditionally been centralized in the Pawtucket data center which required end users in remote offices to come all the way back to Pawtucket to access their data. The latency of this system was limiting the Cooley Group’s ability to run their manufacturing facilities efficiently. Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology, has a small team with limited resources. Rather than trying to do everything, they’re focused on projects that can help the business be successful – making rolled, industrial goods – rather than racking and maintaining servers. Hosting their shared volumes in the Pawtucket data center gave Bodell and his team centralized control over the infrastructure. However, this control came at the expense of performance in the other offices. As Cooley is increasingly competing in a global marketplace where business operates 24/7, the expectations across the company are very high for speed and availability for all offices.
“We now have unlimited retention with Nasuni so we can restore or recover files from as far back as we want. Nasuni delivers storage, backup, replication and DR in a single solution giving us the true business continuity we were looking for all along. Instead of having to come back to HQ for their files, our end users now have local access with local performance – it’s a huge improvement in terms of productivity.” Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology

Business Continuity and Data Protection

To protect the company against a disaster or an outage, Cooley Group had been using a mix of tape and an off-site colocation site where they replicated data. Due to costs and the time it took to move the data to the off-site location, they were storing only a month of backups and replicating only the most critical data.
“Before Nasuni, all of our servers were in HQ and the poor performance was causing productivity issues. Our remote end users and our COO were demanding that we improve file access.” Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology


The Cooley Group deployed Nasuni virtual machines in their existing VMware infrastructure to deliver uniform, enterprise-class data access and protection for all locations. With Nasuni, Bodell doesn’t have to choose between optimizing either the end user’s or IT’s experience: employees at all remote offices have fast, local data access while IT has control over the infrastructure.

Why Cooley Group Chose Nasuni

Sandy Bodell chose Nasuni because of how Nasuni takes care of:
  • Data Replication – With Nasuni, files are everywhere they need to be with a single, global namespace so all end users have local access to their data.
  • Centralized Control – Nasuni gives IT centralized control over a distributed infrastructure that delivers local performance to end users in remote offices.
  • Business Continuity – Nasuni delivers unlimited versions, off-site protection, no risk of data loss, drastic reduction in downtime, and proactive monitoring.
Cooley’s teams are more productive because Nasuni ensures data is everywhere it needs to be, when it needs to be there. With latency no longer an issue, the Cooley Group can more efficiently manage their manufacturing facilities.
“With Nasuni, everyone now has local access to all of their files and IT still has centralized control because we’re able to deploy Nasuni Edge Appliances in every office for local performance and manage them from HQ. It doesn’t matter if it is two locations or twenty because they are all managed the same. We’re in a situation where we have to do more with the same amount of resources and Nasuni has done a ton for us by taking care of all IT’s storage headaches and delivering better performance for our end users.” Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology