Nasuni Hosts Storage Field Day 16 at Our Boston HQ

Nasuni hosted #SFD16 where we talked about new features and improvements to our cloud-based file services platform. The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Watch the live stream, read the blogs, and check out our report of the event.

July 12, 2018

In 2011, Nasuni presented at Tech Field Day 8, where we talked about what the next generation of NAS looked like, and what it meant to “bring the cloud into the data center.” After 7 years of product innovation and widespread adoption of our cloud-based file services platform by many of the world’s largest companies we hosted Storage Field Day 16 at our new headquarters in Boston’s high-tech innovation district.

The Storage Field Day delegates – storage industry experts from an array of consulting companies, resellers, vendors, and news publications – were as excited as we were about the event. We kicked things off with a photoshoot in front of our new customer-inspired office decorations. Yes, those are dinosaurs you see in the pic! The delegates fell in love with our velociraptor and its babies, representing The Field Museum in Chicago.

The presentation began with a question from Stephen Foskett, where he asked his delegates: “What is your impression of Nasuni? What does the company do?” Answers included: “distributed file system, a storage company, cloud storage gateway, and a solution to share files across many locations.” It was clear there was an opportunity to fully reintroduce our platform for scalable file services in the cloud, and the delegates were eager to listen to what we had to say.

Tom Rose, Nasuni Chief Marketing Officer, began with a refresher on the Nasuni platform and  an update on where Nasuni is headed. Some of the delegates who were familiar with us were very excited about the new features that Tom announced (we’re excited to announce all the new features with you as well – stay tuned!).


Video: Nasuni Cloud File Services Platform with Tom Rose

Next up was John Capello, Nasuni VP of Product Strategy, who led whiteboard sessions, with color commentary provided by Chief Science Officer David Shaw and VP of Engineering Matt McDonald. There was a lot of back and forth discussion as John dove deep on Nasuni’s key innovations, including:

  • Nasuni UniFS®, the world’s first global file system designed to store all files and metadata in public or private (on-premises) cloud object storage, but with the added ability to cache active files in any location where high performance access is needed;
  • Nasuni Continuous File Versioning™, which captures file changes as they occur and stores them as their own unique WORM versions in object storage, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional file backup.
  • Nasuni Global Volume Manager™, which synchronizes file changes from many locations in cloud object storage;
  • Nasuni Global File Lock™, which enables users anywhere in the world to collaborate in real-time on files without version conflict;
  • The Nasuni Security Model, which makes using cloud storage as secure as traditional data center storage. (link this to the 7 Reasons e-Guide).

Video: Nasuni Services and Underlying Patented IP with John Capello, David Shaw, and Tom Rose 

At the end of the event, all delegates had a clear understanding of what Nasuni is, how it operates, and how customers are using our file services platform to store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on unstructured file data at scale.
After a great night, with plenty of questions and engagement from enthusiastic delegates, everyone left with armfuls of Nasuni swag, and a newfound appreciation for how customers are using Nasuni to modernize primary and archive file storage, data protection, and multi-site file sharing. (Ok, the dinosaur was not part of the swag – our beloved raptor remains at Nasuni HQ)!

Since then, some of the delegates are writing more about what they heard. Here’s one from Matthew Leib, who, when he’s not jetting around the country being one of the Storage Field Day delegates, is a Technical Sales Executive at Great Lakes IT provider Connection: Nasuni presents at #SFD16

Click here to watch the recorded live-stream of the event.

And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to schedule a demo!

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