Nasuni CloudBound2021: Fighting Ransomware & Thriving with Modern Cloud File Storage

October 12, 2021 | David Grant Nasuni CloudBound2021: Fighting Ransomware & Thriving with Modern Cloud File Storage

At the end of September, we hosted the second annual virtual conference dedicated solely to cloud file storage, Nasuni CloudBound2021, which was a huge success. The free, online, and now on-demand event offers IT leaders the knowledge necessary to help organizations thrive in the era of ransomware, remote work, and rapidly growing file data volumes. Attendees from around the globe tuned in for this multi-day event to hear from IT leaders at major enterprises, cloud execs from our partners Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and Nasuni’s own experts offer expert, insider knowledge on all things cloud file storage.

Last year, when we had the slightly unusual idea to launch a new annual conference in the midst of a pandemic, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the attendance was tremendous and it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Companies have been forced to rethink how they manage, access, and derive value from their file data. Every organization across every industry is looking to leverage the cloud. Add in the importance of ransomware defense and recovery and it’s no wonder that this year’s event was even more popular than the first.

A few of the highlights:

  • What’s Next for Cloud? A great keynote from Google Cloud’s Lakshmi Sharma on her own cloud journey and why our new partner Google Cloud is poised for success
  • David Totten of Microsoft Azure on why digital transformation starts with cloud, the future of file sharing in the cloud, and more
  • Cost Savings: Wegmans Director of Technical Services Mark Rausch spoke about how his company leveraged the cloud to eliminate the high costs and cumbersome maintenance of their former file storage and backup solution
  • Ransomware Protection: Jerome Wendt, President and Founder of DCIG, discussed key steps to implement in order to protect organizations from ransomware
  • Ransomware Mitigation: Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group, Jerome Wendt of DCIG, and Philippe Nicolas of Coldago Research participated in a ransomware panel where they shared their insights, strategies for how minimizing risk, and how the cloud is playing a key role in mitigating the threat of ransomware

We also hosted industry-focused sessions on the impact of cloud in financial services, engineering, and other segments. There were great fireside chats, including a rapid ransomware recovery story from LEO A DALY, details on how specific companies are saving money through cloud file storage, and more. And we hosted some really interesting technical sessions, including one on how to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at PB scale with Nasuni & AWS, featuring Kris Skrinak of AWS.

I want to thank of all the executives, analysts, customers, and Nasuni colleagues who contributed to the event, and made it even more insightful and exciting than the inaugural Nasuni CloudBound. If you didn’t have time to attend, take a few minutes and scroll through the sessions – I’m sure you’ll find at least one that will help you on your own cloud journey.

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