Nasuni Cloud File Services Summer 2018 Release in the News

Last week we announced a new release of Nasuni Cloud File Services that eliminates the need to ever migrate file data again. The news did not go unnoticed!

October 1, 2018

Last week, we announced general availability of the Nasuni Cloud File Services Summer 2018 Release that greatly expands the use cases our platform can support, along with a groundbreaking new capability: automatically reducing the cost of file storage as files age! Users can access cool/inactive NASUNI ARCHIVE files just as easily as hot/active NASUNI PRIMARY files. IT simply pays less, and, just as importantly, never has to do another bulk data migration to lower cost storage tiers again.

Here’s what some of the industry’s most knowledgeable journalists and publications had to say about the new release.

TechTarget SearchStorage

“Nasuni storage is expanding beyond its sweet spot of high-end NAS and multisite collaboration with cloud services for traditional file and archive workloads.”

“The automatic archiving helps customers control costs in the cloud,” said John Webster, analyst at Evaluator Group. “And controlling costs in the cloud is a very big deal because people are under mandate to move X% of their workloads to the cloud by some future date. When they start doing that, they experience the cost metrics that come with the cloud. And they quickly learn that, if they understand how they configure resources in the cloud and how to best use them, they can reduce the cost.”

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ITPro Today

“This upends the 30-year status quo of enterprise IT having to constantly move unused files to lower-cost, and slower, storage tiers–and having to move them back to primary storage if they are needed. Yet, at the same time, if they want to access that information immediately, they can.”



“A major enhancement to Nasuni Cloud File Services is allowing primary and archive data to be managed globally, with the data automatically moving to higher or lower storage tiers on public or private clouds as the value of the data changes.”

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“Nasuni offers a rather nice feature to address the issue of rapid data growth. Their PRIMARY tier shares the same platform as Nasuni ARCHIVE to consolidate primary and secondary file data in one global file system. As PRIMARY files become inactive, they are automatically reclassified as Nasuni ARCHIVE.”

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The new release of Nasuni Cloud File Services offers a modern solution that can cost-effectively store any amount of file data for any length of time, align costs with access requirements, and give users and applications fast access whenever, and wherever, it’s needed.”

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Learn more about the Summer 2018 Release by viewing our on-demand webinar: “Never Move Data Again – Combine NAS & Archive in One Cloud Solution.

Or see for yourself what all the buzz is about – request a Nasuni demo!

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