Fluid is Smarter than Rigid: Introducing a New Era for Hybrid Cloud Storage

Asim Zaheer announces Nasuni’s new brand identity, marking a significant era for the hybrid cloud storage leader.

June 4, 2024

Notice anything different around here? After months of work in the background, we’re excited to announce Nasuni’s brand refresh. We had more than a few reasons for the overhaul. The hybrid cloud storage market is booming. Analysts are consistently recognizing Nasuni as a leader. We’re constantly growing our customer base. Our product team is regularly adding breakthrough features and services, and the AI boom is only strengthening our outlook. Given all this momentum, we needed a brand and visual identity that maps to our new position in the market. Today I’m thrilled to share some of the thinking behind our refresh and explain why this new identity will help drive the next phase of our journey as the hybrid cloud storage leader.



This is a new era for Nasuni. The market has completely changed since the company’s founding. Data is at the center of business strategy and cloud is not just an intriguing option. It’s essential. We’ve gone from fighting to be considered alongside the traditional providers to Gartner naming us a leader in the hybrid cloud storage space. Our revenue, headcount, global reach, and customer base are all on the rise. Yet the success of the last few years is only the beginning. With this refresh, our brand identity now aligns with our trajectory and reflects the immense value we bring to some of the largest organizations in the world.

The refresh has multiple dimensions, from visual identity to the clarity and tone of our messaging, but let’s start with our logo. The time had come to trade the three rings — a nod to traditional spinning disks — in our old logo for a forward-looking graphic element. Hence the three ascending lines reflecting both the core benefits of our platform (effortless scalability, built-in security, fast edge performance) and our continued upward momentum in the market.

The modern look and feel of our new identity is also more consistent with the innovative work being done by our product and engineering teams. In the last few months alone, we’ve released the data intelligence tool Nasuni IQ, Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3, integrations with Microsoft’s Copilot AI, and numerous other platform upgrades. The Nasuni brand now matches this technical spirit of nonstop innovation.

There’s a fluidity to data today that we wanted to reflect in our visuals as well. Data doesn’t live in one box anymore. It’s not anchored to data centers. Today, data needs to be available anywhere and everywhere. It needs to be fluid. Yet this fluidity makes it difficult to harness, and this is where the hexagon element comes in, representing Nasuni’s unique ability to provide structure and control. You’ll notice these elements of fluidity and structure turning up in our visuals, to help communicate that our enterprise data platform for hybrid clouds is built to support the new and evolving demands of the enterprise.

Finally, this refresh is about energy and momentum. I’ve overseen brand overhauls at other industry-leading technology companies. This Nasuni shift is different. This is about doing everything we can, at every level of the company, to accelerate our growth at a unique moment in Nasuni’s history. Our technology and the needs of the market have become perfectly aligned. This refresh communicates our history of innovation and trust, and our new position as a market leader, while looking to the future.

Nasuni is an established global organization with a transformative, enterprise-tested hybrid cloud platform, and I’m thrilled we now have a brand that reflects our position. We’re ready for the next phase of this journey as a company, and hope you follow us on what is sure to be a thrilling ride.

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