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Leveraging AWS PrivateLink for S3 with Nasuni

We are excited to announce that Nasuni now supports AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3. If security and performance are top of mind for you, then you will be as excited as we are about this announcement. The combination of AWS PrivateLink for S3 and AWS DirectConnect will allow your Nasuni Edge appliances to transfer data to and from S3 as fast and securely as possible by keeping storage traffic completely off the public internet.

Traditionally, traffic between Nasuni Edge appliances and S3 traverses the internet and is subject to things like latency, congestion, monitoring, and QoS policies that are typically out of your control. However, with AWS DirectConnect and now AWS PrivateLink, your S3 traffic can stay on dedicated, private links, all the way to AWS S3. If you don’t have an AWS DirectConnect link, don’t worry, you can still get the security benefits of PrivateLink with an AWS VPN connection too.

What is PrivateLink for S3

AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3 provides direct access to S3 via a private endpoint within your virtual private network. This allows you to simplify your network architecture by connecting to S3 from on-premises or in AWS using private IP addresses in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), eliminating the need to use public IPs, configure firewall rules, or configure an Internet Gateway to access S3 from on-premises.

How does it work with Nasuni

Using PrivateLink for S3 with Nasuni is simple! In fact, all you need to do is use the IP address or the private DNS name of your PrivateLink endpoint instead of the normal “” endpoint. Once you make that change on your Nasuni Management Console, traffic from Nasuni Edge Appliances to S3 will use your DirectConnect link or your AWS VPN to get to your VPC. From there traffic will traverse the AWS backbone to get from your VPC to S3.

To start using PrivateLink for Amazon S3 with Nasuni, configure PrivateLink and then point your Nasuni Edge Appliances at the VPC IP addresses used by PrivateLink or create a custom DNS entry.

For more information on setting up PrivateLink, visit the AWS announcement here or the product documentation here.

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