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Are You Paying Too Much for File Storage?

I’ve never met a CFO who feels he or she is paying the right amount for file storage. In fact, over the last decade, storage has become an ever-increasing share of IT spend, and everyone is trying to get it under control without hampering the business.

Some costs are hidden, buried in IT budgets for manpower, help desks and problem solving. But many are actual cash outlays for arrays, backup licenses, disaster recovery licenses and investments in additional hardware and consulting – even tape drives.

When our Nasuni founders looked at this problem, they decided to create a solution that drastically simplified enterprise file system management, backup and data protection while lowering costs. Not only has the solution been working solidly for over 6 years and hundreds of companies, but now an analysis from Enterprise Strategy Group demonstrates that it’s a way to get real cash savings out of your IT infrastructure, along with improved IT efficiency.

After years of dealing with Netapp and EMC, are CFO’s finally going to get a good deal on storage? The answer is yes – which is why you should open this report.


The Value of Enterprise File Services

Can you really quantify the value of an enterprise file services solution? Absolutely. ESG analysts have spent the last few months breaking down the economic impact of deploying Nasuni Enterprise File Services, based on a typical 250TB deployment. The detailed report, Quantifying the Value of Nasuni Cloud File Services, is now available, and depending on the size of your enterprise file storage needs, the savings can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, based on savings over traditional storage, operational savings, improved end-user productivity and more.

The exact returns depend on your particular file storage requirements, but the savings and efficiencies outlined here are typical for our clients. One nonprofit cut 60% off its file storage costs. An engineering firm is saving 60% on operational costs. Thanks to Nasuni, a Midwest manufacturer has an extra $300,000 to spend on other projects and a leading global architecture firm saved millions.

Estimating Cost Savings for Your Organization

To find out how much cash Nasuni can free up for your organization, check out the Economic Value Validation (EVV) from ESG. The analysis is designed to help IT organizations determine the fully burdened costs and benefits of Nasuni compared with a “present mode of operation” (PMO) that reflects how organizations typically manage their unstructured data today; Read the report. And please contact us if you’d like to know more.