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Adventures in File Storage, Volume 2: Deadline in Seattle

Harness-the-power-web-2Imagine it’s late at night, and two colleagues are working out of a hotel room in Seattle. They’re trying to share a newly created file with a co-worker at headquarters. Unfortunately that main office happens to be halfway across the world. So they all wait. And wait. And wait. But the unstructured data – a CAD file, a 4K video clip, a medical image or the rendering of a new design – just won’t move.

The user at the main office is frustrated. The two traveling employees are furious. And somewhere out there, a client is waiting impatiently for a file that was promised hours earlier. Who gets the blame for this fiasco?

Placing The Blame On IT

IT, of course. Clients, prospects and partners tell us about this kind of scenario all the time, inspiring our latest comic, Adventures in File Storage, Volume 2: Deadline in Seattle. Whether the problem revolves around file sharing, backup, disaster recovery or capacity, organizations are struggling to deliver the access, protection and performance their users need. And IT takes the fall.

The idea behind our comic book series – yes, it’s officially a series now, because we have two – is to illustrate a cloud file storage alternative. With Nasuni File Services, IT professionals can transform themselves into enterprise storage superheroes with the power to grant their organizations unlimited storage capacity, built-in protection and secure global access to files. Whether your end users are working out of coffee shops, hotel rooms or small remote offices, they’ll enjoy fast, secure access to the files they need.

In the first issue of Adventures in File Storage, our intrepid IT hero extends high performance access to several remote offices, saving his company $300,000. The follow-up, Deadline in Seattle, features a new use case, along with a few familiar benefits. I hesitate to give away the thrilling conclusion, but there’s a mask involved.

Inspired By Actual Nasuni Clients

Despite the superhero theme, these are real stories. The comics are inspired by the experiences of actual Nasuni enterprise storage clients, so we do have to stick to the truth. You’ll notice, for instance, that the end users whose working lives are essentially saved in these comics don’t actually thank the IT superheroes responsible. That would require another kind of magic.

Read the comic, share it with your colleagues and take a look at our technology white paper for a more in-depth look at the source of all these superpowers.




Adventures in File Storage: Deadline in Seattle

The second issue of our digital comic book follows the IT department at a global media company as they struggle to meet the cloud file storage demands of users.

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