Today we made a change to our philosophy around our blogs and are now attributing the blog posts in the Nasuni blog to the actual primary authors. Previously we had the age-old enterprise mentality of “dont release any names unless they’re designated talking heads”. Now we’re pleased to introduce our great team of current bloggers:

Andres Rodriguez – CEO and co-founder, you can find my bio here. You’ll see many blog posts focusing on overall company updates, customer stories, market direction, our value proposition and more.

Rob Mason – President and co-founder, you can find his bio here. You’ll see many blog posts focused on the overall technology and approach to engineering and product development used at Nasuni.

Connor Fee – Director of Business Development leading our sales effort. Connor has a passion for our customers and their stories and you’ll hear some of them through his posts.

Jesse Noller – Principal Developer and UI team lead at Nasuni. Jesse is also a contributor to the Python language and runs the annual PyCon conferences. You’ll see posts from Jesse on the User Experience (UX) as well as all things Python.

David Shaw – Principal Developer at Nasuni and our resident security expert. David is one of the authors of the IETF OpenPGP standard and an open source contributor to GPG. You’ll see posts from David on all matters security.

We also thank Catherine and Greg who are consultants that help us with writing and editing and keep our writing readable.

Have a topic you want to hear from us on? Have comments on our posts? Leave us feedback or comments. We’re looking for a conversation, not a megaphone!

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