Nirvanix’s Exit from the Cloud Storage Provider Market

Nirvanix shutting downIn an Information Age story this week, Nirvanix’s CEO told employees that the company had “hit the wall” and is now giving customers just two weeks to get their data off the service before it shuts down completely. This is a sudden and impactful move in the market, but not completely unexpected based on our experience.

When Nasuni first started, we gave our customers the choice of any cloud storage provider they wanted to use with our storage controller – one of which was Nirvanix.  Then, two years ago, we chose to integrate cloud storage, our storage controllers, and our system monitoring into a single fully-integrated solution – much like traditional storage OEMs have done for years.

Due to the solution’s dependency on the public cloud storage providers, we focused countless hours evaluating the different options in the cloud storage market.  We conducted thorough testing of the mainstream cloud storage providers (including Nirvanix) and published the results in our annual Cloud Storage Provider performance reportsThese reports show that only Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure meet our standards for reliability and performance.  As a result, we migrated all customers to one of these two providers, and continue to use only S3 and Azure as our backend.  And, even with these two providers, we’ve developed additional backstops such as cloud mirroring in case of cloud provider outages or full-on failure.

While the exit of Nirvanix from the cloud service provider market will cause many people to pause and question storing corporate data in the cloud, we know that cloud storage is definitely enterprise-ready, but only if you use an enterprise-ready service.

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