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1 in 5 Enterprise Companies Plan to Use Cloud Storage

1 in 5 Enterprise Companies Plan to Use Cloud StorageWhether you call them Cloud Gateway Appliances, Cloud Gateways, Cloud Storage Controllers, or Cloud-integrated Storage,

With over a fifth of enterprise IT shops evaluating and deploying Cloud-integrated Storage, it’s time for traditional storage vendors to take notice. The days of selling monolithic disk-based controllers for over-inflated prices are coming to an end – and fast. The revolution is taking shape and companies like Nasuni, Panzura, and StorSimple are leading the charge. By delivering the same functionality as traditional storage controllers but eliminating the need for additional products like backup, second copies and WAN acceleration, cloud-based storage is turning traditional storage paradigms upside down.

Here at Nasuni, the growth reported by TheInfoPro closely matches our firsthand observations; we have seen many companies transition from being “interested in the cloud” to evaluating cloud-based storage to address real challenges in backup, scalability and storage costs. The Nasuni solution is well positioned to address these challenges, which is reflected in our quarter over quarter and year over year growth. We view TheInfoPro report as further validation from a respected third-party that this is a hot market and one that we are playing a key role in creating, growing and leading.

If you’re researching or considering CiS we would recommend you understand all of the strengths and weaknesses of a potential vendor – from technological capabilities, to support services, to their financial standing. For a comprehensive guide of what types of questions to ask check out this CiS Buyers Guide created by industry veterans, ESG.