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Providing Customer Support for Storage as a Service

Providing customer support for storage as a serviceWhen you consider moving any IT related service to the cloud, it is done to lessen the burden on your IT staff.  Certain Storage as a Service providers require customers to maintain three or more vendor relationships for a complete solution.  Here at Nasuni, we believe you should only have to deal with one vendor when you buy a complete solution.  Your IT staff will not have to chase an issue between multiple vendors like other solutions in the market today.

A Customer-focused Approach
Our approach to customer service is very simple; hire truly customer focused staff, build a technology that will identify potential issues and most importantly proactively service customers.  When you call Nasuni Customer Support, you get to an expert right away that can help resolve any issue you call about.  You don’t need to go through multiple levels of support and repeat your issue multiple times.  We have built a team that is not only experts in Nasuni, but also various other technologies our service interacts with.  Our team also delivers that personal touch when working with our customers.

Proactive Monitoring: Built-in
A true differentiator of Nasuni is our proactive monitoring and alerts.  From its inception, our Engineering Team has built a robust monitoring program within our service.  This monitors the entire end-to-end processing of our customers data that is stored on the Nasuni Service.  These notifications are sent to our Customer Support Team to address.  Many times, we have actually corrected issues before a customer even realized there was a problem.  The notifications have also helped customers resolve issues within their environment outside of the Nasuni Service.

While the Nasuni Service has a systematic, proactive notification mechanism, we also have a company core value of proactive communication with our customers. The team also collectively reviews support cases on a regular basis to determine if we are seeing a pattern in a particular area of the service.  Then we will a technical bulletin to the entire customer base that will provide the information needed to resolve the specific issue.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Finally, we take customer service even one step further by assigning a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to every customer.  This is not an additional cost, but actually included in the Nasuni Service.  The primary function of the CSM is to build a true partnership with his/her assigned customer base.  Regular cadence calls are scheduled with the customers to discuss the service.  These meetings are used as a two-way share of information.  The customers provide us with their feedback on the Service along with how we can improve the product.  The CSM in turn shares our product roadmap, reviews requirements and also delivers product demonstrations of new functionality before it is released.

Not a Sales Pitch
After reading this, you may say to yourself this is just a big sales pitch.  Well, it’s not. Our customer satisfaction rating is over 95%.  Our customers rave about the service we provide and continue to buy more capacity from us.  If you don’t believe me, we recommend that you talk to our customers.  We will be glad to help facilitate the conversation.

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