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Great Customer, Great Location

Working at a small company, we spend plenty of time in the office brainstorming new marketing ideas, discussing potential product features and debating the validity of emerging technologies.  Oh, and there is lots of cranking away on just plain work too.  But, for everyone on the team, it’s always the time away from the office talking to customers and industry folks outside of the company that fuels our work engines and re-energizes us for the next task ahead.

IXIA Nasuni Customer LogoMy colleague, Louis, and I recently had a great trip out to Calabasas, CA to partner with one our top customers, Ixia, on a case study project (coming soon to  Armed with computers, video equipment and recommendations of places to grab some food and drink, we traveled to the other coast and arrived in time for Happy Hour at The Library in Santa Monica.

Mazi IXIAThe next day, we visited Ixia headquarters and after a quick tour of their new space, we got down to the real work.  I use the term work somewhat loosely here, because we were meeting with Mazi Fayazfar, Senior Director of Information Technology, to discuss his views on the role of IT, challenges with data storage and use of Nasuni at Ixia.  The conversation flowed and it was easy to see that Mazi is a real leader in IT in addition to being a big supporter of Nasuni.  Needless to say, it was a valuable afternoon of information sharing.

Louis and I wrapped up the meeting feeling it was an afternoon well spent, but the trip wasn’t over yet.  As we walked out, Mazi suggested we spend the time before our red-eye back to Boston traveling along the PCH.  Thanks for the great recommendation Mazi – we enjoyed a sunny afternoon in CA before heading to LAX.  Here is a picture from our trip to a great customer in a great location.


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