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Nasuni’s In-house IT Infrastructure Gets an Upgrade

We’re growing! That seems to be the go-to excuse to help justify the constant state of construction seen at Nasuni HQ. This most recent project isn’t too bad (so far only two walls knocked down) and when it is complete there will be a lot of happy engineers on the other side of the building!

Our latest project is an IT infrastructure revamp. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Aren’t you guys all about REDUCING hardware? Absolutely! Delivering storage infrastructure as a service not only enables our customers to reduce the amount of storage hardware, tape drives, WAN accelerators, etc. in both HQ and remote offices, but simplifies the management of their data as well. However, developing and improving our product and service involves a great deal of testing in a wide variety of simulated real-world environments across a multitude of hardware appliances. Hence the need for all this new gear.

A few of the highlights include:

  • 10GB Ethernet switches to increase QA capacity, engineering development process and tech services support process
  • Dedicated fiber Internet access scalable to 10GB speeds, enhancing QA/ENG/Tech service capabilities
  • Complete n+1 power redundancy with fully manageable switched power ports to server/device levels
  • Complete n+1 cooling capacity to handle a fully populated server room environment

Tom, our IT manager, has been working nights, weekends and holidays to ensure the install goes off without a hitch. If you happen to run into him at the local Dunkin’ Donuts, be sure to give him a high five!

And now for some photos:

Nasuni is GrowingHere at Nasuni HQ, there aren’t many months of the year where we’re not undertaking some sort of new project!

New IT Hardware - BoxesOur open sales meeting area completely packed with boxed equipment.

New Server RacksThe new server racks all set up. This almost looks like a stock photo! Not bad for an iPhone.

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