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Inteva Products: Transforming Data Storage and Access Infrastructure Across the Globe

Inteva Products Nasuni CustomerInteva Products, a multi-billion dollar global tier-one supplier to major car manufacturers with 42 offices spanning 18 countries and 4 continents is rolling out Nasuni Storage Infrastructure as-a-Service to transform their data storage and access infrastructure.

Every employee at Inteva is laser-focused on the manufacturing side of the business; capital investment is largely reserved for tools and equipment.  In addition, the IT department is managing infrastructure in dozens of offices.  In fact, the number of offices more than doubled to over 40 through the acquisition of ArvinMeritor’s Body Systems group in 2011.

With the explosive expansion, came outdated IT systems.  Storage infrastructure was quickly identified as the biggest challenge.  For example, engineering teams in Germany and India needed to access large CAD files for their work, but transferring files between the two offices could take upwards of six hours. In addition, the backup process at each site was expensive and ineffective.

It was immediately obvious that the storage infrastructure needed an overhaul in order to support the many offices and cross-geographic data access that was required to keep business operations running smoothly.  That’s where Nasuni came in, to overhaul the way Inteva was storing, distributing and accessing data across the globe.

“I knew there had to be a better way to update the storage infrastructure than buying small SANs and putting them at every site,” Dennis Hodges, Inteva’s CIO said. “When I heard about Nasuni and what the company did, I knew it was right up our alley.”

With the Nasuni/Inteva partnership, engineers can finally have fast, local access to the most recent version of CAD files, eliminating the need to spend hours downloading before work can begin.  Additional IT efficiencies are realized because back-ups are built in and all locations are centrally managed.  IT maintains full control of their data.

Perhaps most appreciated be the folks in the home office, is the new ability to access sales, marketing, and other data via their mobile devices using the Nasuni mobile client.  With all of the time and resources saved implementing Nasuni, IT now has the cycles to focus on more strategic initiatives – with more visibility and business impact.

But, what really matters is the impact to the bottom line.  Hodges is focused on maintaining IT’s strategic focus while not growing spend beyond 1% of revenue.  With Nasuni’s per-terabyte subscription service, the solution delivers a way to provide uniform storage infrastructure in every office and just as importantly, uniform local access to critical company data – all without any impact to the capital budget.

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