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Think Your Company Data Isn’t in Dropbox? Think Again.

We talk to companies all the time that have concerns about users putting company information in Dropbox.  But, no one we talk to really knows how common Dropbox is in their organization, or who is really using the service.  So, we decided to conduct a survey and ask more than 1,000 corporate IT users about their habits regarding file-sharing services.  We were surprised about some of the things we learned, such as:

1 out of every 5 corporate IT users is using Dropbox for work.

So, if you are still wondering if your corporate data is in Dropbox, the answer is mostly likely “yes”.

The survey dug deeper into the profile of the Dropbox user.

By Industry:

Dropbox Usage by Industry

By Department:

Dropbox Usage by Department

By Title:

Dropbox Usage by Title

It’s interesting to note here that senior executives are some of the worst offenders.

One likely reason for the high usage rate of Dropbox is that employees are demanding fast, convenient ways to share and access files, and IT is not adequately meeting this demand.  Consequently, users find alternative solutions, which are outside the control and approval of IT.  This influx of consumer-based solutions into the enterprise is known as Shadow IT.  In our next blog posting, we will explore the survey results and how they relate to the use of personal devices in the enterprise.

For more information about the industries and departments where Dropbox is most widely used, read the full survey report.