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Enterprise Strategy Group - Nasuni BlogToday we’re pleased to announce the availability of a hands-on ESG Lab report from the Enterprise Strategy Group. While they do a ton of other things too, ESG is one of the best analysts in the business when it comes to understanding enterprise storage which goes back to the roots of their founder, Steve Duplessie, who worked at EMC in the early days. Not only do they understand the players, their offerings and how they position them, but they have deep technology experience too which is unique in the analyst circles.

ESG’s Lab offering started around 2003 with Brian Garrett running the technical side of the labs and eventually running the entire lab business. Brian and I have crossed paths several times in our careers and worked at together a couple times and I have a ton of respect for him. Brian has more than 20 years of storage experience and came from a background of building some of the largest enterprise storage systems in the world so he really knows what enterprise storage is and what it takes to build it. Brian has the great ability to see both what the technology is and what it can do, but also to see how that matters to customers and what makes the technology unique. With 8 years and more than 400 labs under ESG Lab’s belt and a growing and very talented lab team they’ve seen and tested a lot of products. With this in mind, it was great to see them get excited about Nasuni’s offering since what Nasuni is offering is truly the next generation of storage.

ESG spent a few days with Nasuni testing the product and eating sushi. We gave them an overview of the architecture of the system to help them understand the magic that happens under the covers. The downside of simple user interfaces and simple configuration is that its very easy to take for granted some really hard stuff that happens under the covers. We wanted them to understand that and validate that the Nasuni Filer does what we claim it does. ESG set up multiple Filers in multiple locations with different Lab team members poking and prodding at the filer. Data was moved around the country, music and videos loaded from one location were played in other locations, documents were edited and changes propagated, etc. They appreciated the simplicity of the configuration of the Nasuni Filer and how everything just worked and that their data was accessible everywhere. Brian summed the experience up well in our press release:

“Nasuni’s single solution, delivered as a service, addresses multiple storage needs by combining an on-premises cache with cloud-based primary storage, ” said Brian Garrett, Vice President of ESG Lab, “This is the next generation of enterprise storage—and not a moment too soon.  Organizations can no longer afford to buy storage they don’t use or run the risk of not being able to scale quickly to new demands for access to files or capacity from innumerable locations.”

The lab report is now available on Hear from ESG about their experience in putting the Nasuni Filer through its pages. Then evaluate Nasuni yourself.

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