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We are on the verge of a paradigm shift. In the future, the cloud will provide the lion’s share of the storage and processing capacity you need for your business, and your local IT infrastructure will be truly thin. Huge data centers, run with an efficiency of scale unachievable in the data centers of most businesses, will store and protect all data and host all applications.

It’s just like electricity: During the Industrial Revolution, if you wanted electrical power, you needed to have your own generator onsite. Then Edison came along and figured out how to deliver power as a service, cheaply and transmitted over long distances from massive, efficient power plants. And thus began the modern age.

Here in the Information Revolution, until now if you wanted storage or computing power, you had to have your own hardware onsite. But now, coming in to full view, is the cloud, the Edison-esque answer to the problems of IT administrators sweating over their hardware like 19th-century foundry managers greasing their old Dynamo generators. The cloud is the paradigm shift of our time.

The clouds are built and already in use. Cloud compute is well launched, and we wish it well. We at Nasuni are storage people and have just developed the technology for delivering primary file storage and complete file protection from the cloud as a service.

Paradigm shifts are not easy. Though the transition to electricity was, in retrospect, sudden, at the time it did not seem inevitable to everyone. There were technical hurdles to overcome and stigma about the safety of electricity. The shift to the cloud will also likely in retrospect seem quick, but those of us working through the technical problems and talking to IT people about their concerns are well aware that change can be tricky when you’re in the thick it. While we have gone to great lengths to build a product that makes the transition to a cloud-provisioned environment for files painless, and unlike Edison, we don’t need to overcome such fears as people believing that electricity would drip from empty sockets and kill them, we do need to address real modern-day concerns about security, data integrity, availability, and the like.

Here in our blog we will take on these issues, as well as related topics about storage and data protection, our dual passions. Our customers’ level of familiarity with the cloud varies widely: Some are well versed, others complete novices—and a few are serious skeptics. So our entries will vary widely as well, sometimes offering a primer on a basic concept, and other times diving in deeply to satisfy the expert.

Send us your questions, your rants and raves, so that we can better address your concerns and help you navigate the paradigm shift to come.