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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our public beta. As of today, you can download the Nasuni Filer at no cost from our site, For the beta period, we offer free cloud storage, with unlimited capacity, and 24/7 support. Amazon and Iron Mountain make up the initial group of supported clouds, with more providers soon to come.

Our beta has all of the features that will be available in the forthcoming 1.0 release, so with your beta download, you are receiving a fully functional Nasuni Filer. We have just completed an extensive internal round of testing, and now we are inviting you, the broader IT community, to see what the Filer can do. We are confident that you will have a great experience.

We want to hear from you. We encourage all registered users to join the Nasuni community at our forums, or send comments to Of course, we also want your business. We have put our future pricing information on the site so that, as you test your Filer, you can begin to consider Nasuni as a serious alternative to yet another rack of disk. We hope that by the time we release Version 1.0 this spring, you will be a convert. As an early user, you will be eligible for special discounts.

For the past year, we have worked quietly, refining, testing, and retesting every part of this product. Now it’s time to let our Nasuni Filer speak on our behalf.