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Nasuni BalloonsWe are launched. In one week, we have seen more than a hundred downloads of the Nasuni Filer, and already hundreds of thousands of files have made their way to our cloud storage partners’ data centers.

Many Thank-Yous

I want to thank everyone who downloaded the Nasuni Filer, and the journalists and bloggers who wrote wonderful articles helping to spread the word: Primary storage in the cloud is here.

Meet the Nasuni Team

We celebrated the launch by feasting on Tennessee’s Real BBQ and donning the much coveted Nasuni Launch Team fleece.

Nasuni Group Photo

Our offices are pure New England chic—the walls have been described as a warm battleship grey—and our company ethos is not what you would call flashy. Our philosophy is to build and support a product that makes our customers and partners shine while we work away in the background. We like it that way.

How the Filers Are Doing in the Field

Almost everyone who downloaded a Filer got it up and running without any help from Nasuni support. We were thrilled to see that.

Not long after downloads began, our servers started to receive automatic diagnostics reports. We had been so busy in getting our ship launched that we were not ready to process the reports. It took us a few days to develop the tools to do so, and to create automatic alerts for support and engineering. These are now in place and working smoothly. The developers jumped on the initial set of issues and have now addressed most of the reported problems.

Software Updates

We will be pushing updates to the Filer regularly. Check your Filer’s homepage for update alerts. We will also tweet alerts and post them here on this blog. You can configure your Filer to generate an email alert for you as well (see the Filer’s Configuration menu).

A Call for Feedback

Your feedback is critical to us. Please email us with any comments you might have. We are listening. Our support forums have already begun to take shape, and our support team monitors them closely. We want to encourage everyone to participate.

Some of you registered for the download but did not actually download a Filer. We would love to know what happened, especially if you ran into any problems with the product. If we lost you somewhere along the way, where did we lose you?

To those of you who are already pushing files to the cloud, we offer our particular thanks. We are eager to hear any details of your experience thus far that you would like to share.