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Build 1.0-2057

We released a new version of the Nasuni Filer. This version (1.0-2057) has enhancements to the user interface and field support. It also addresses a problem with international support for Active Directory entries. There are no reported critical issues. This is an optional upgrade.

People from over 30 countries downloaded the Nasuni Filer. This release adds support of foreign character names in Active Directory. We now support UTF-8  for user and group names. To our new friends abroad, thank you and let us know if you run into additional issues.

At our site, some of you were confused by the OVA format in the download page. We have changed the download format to OVF. This is the format meant for VMWare production environments.

We really appreciate all of your feedback and are working hard to improve every aspect of the Nasuni experience.