12 PBs of File Data and Growing: Key Takeaways from the 5th Annual Nasuni Customer Summit

5th-annual-nasuni-summit-boston-2016-25-webIt wasn’t just the unexpected summer days in Boston last week that made our 5th annual Summit a huge success. A mix of new clients, longstanding customers and prospects got together with Nasuni engineers and executives to learn more about the future of Enterprise File Services, preview the key features coming in our next major releases and hear from industry analysts and cloud storage insiders.

Plus, it gave us a chance to brag about some of the milestones we’ve hit this year, including:

  • 12 PB of client data stored
  • Customers adding 150TB per week
  • Deployments in 59 countries
  • 4 billion files securely stored

This was my second summit, and one of the trends I’ve been impressed with since I joined Nasuni is the diversity of our client base. Andres and our engineers talk a lot about how Nasuni was designed from the start to handle any file workload, at any level of performance. A look around the room at the customers in attendance confirmed that our current business matches that initial vision. Our customers included leaders in:5th-annual-nasuni-summit-boston-2016-15-web

Some of these clients came to Nasuni because they couldn’t cost-effectively store, protect and extend access to massive design files. For others, high-resolution video was straining capacity and network bandwidth. Then we had life sciences and manufacturing firms that rely on Internet of Things technology. For them, the pain stems from the sheer volume of files, not their size or complexity.

But here’s the thing: Nasuni is helping all of these enterprises. Regardless of file type, size or total volume, it’s a solution that is built to grow with you.

That brings me to another big takeaway from the event. We designed our service to be your complete file storage solution for decades, not years. All the IT leaders and CIOs I meet with every week are sick and tired of being forced or tricked into upgrading their file storage hardware or adopting a new solution every few years. They don’t want to deal with the pain of migrations as data grows exponentially. With Nasuni, enterprises get an infinitely 5th-annual-nasuni-summit-boston-2016-17-webscalable, high-performance file solution with built-in data protection – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional file storage solutions. And our clients also enjoy the security of knowing that they’re not going to have to switch solutions, deal with painful migrations or be backed into a new service contract a few years down the line.

Finally, I want to extend my thanks to the valued partners who attended, including representatives from Microsoft, Simplivity, IBM, CDW and others. We wouldn’t be growing this fast without your help.