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Louis Abate

IT Policies: A Band-Aid that Won’t Stick

By on December 18, 2012

Shadow IT is quickly becoming a frequently used term, as well as an area of concern for many IT executives. [If you are not familiar with the term, Shadow IT is defined as: IT systems and solutions used inside an organization without organizational approval.]  In our recent survey, we learned that:  Corporate IT users are… Continue Reading »

Connor Fee

Think Your Company Data Isn’t in Dropbox? Think Again.

By on December 11, 2012

We talk to companies all the time that have concerns about users putting company information in Dropbox.  But, no one we talk to really knows how common Dropbox is in their organization, or who is really using the service.  So, we decided to conduct a survey and ask more than 1,000 corporate IT users about… Continue Reading »

Louis Abate

Who’s Responsible for Protecting Data Stored in the Cloud?

By on April 24, 2012

With cloud comes the notion of liberation. Cloud is the natural evolution of the data center. It’s easy to deploy, infinitely scalable, and highly redundant. It is the shiny new component inside the storage controller and is making it possible for an old dog to learn some very impressive new tricks. But with the cloud,… Continue Reading »

Louis Abate

In Apple’s iCloud, One Key to Rule Them All

By on April 17, 2012

Earlier this month it became widely publicized that Apple maintains complete control over the master encryption key to their marquee cloud offering, iCloud. Now, to anyone familiar with security and encryption this should come as no surprise. In order for nearly all consumer cloud services to provide anywhere access to data the provider must be… Continue Reading »

Connor Fee

How Does Nasuni Compare to Box or Sharepoint?

By on April 3, 2012

I’ve heard the question countless times. It’s asked by customers, investors, and partners. I always have an answer (as I do for almost any question) but it hasn’t always been great. And that bugs me… You see, I’m an answer guy. I like having the answers and I like being right. I pride myself on… Continue Reading »

Rob Mason

Solving Pain of Global Data Access: How Secure Multi-Site Access Works

By on November 23, 2011

When Andres and I founded Nasuni we set off with a simple mission: solve a big problem for IT, completely. That was the mission. Being storage guys, we focused on the problems and pain around storage. Our past experience told us that 80% of the data was unstructured (files) and it was growing at an… Continue Reading »

Rob Mason

Server Side Encryption

By on November 22, 2011

Amazon recently introduced a new capability for its S3 cloud storage offering called “Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption for Data at Rest.” While this is a nice addition to S3, it is not the panacea that it may sound like. With any security solution you need to look at the threat that the solution is… Continue Reading »

Louis Abate

Consumer Cloud Demand Pushing Enterprise IT

By on August 2, 2011

There’s no ignoring the buzz associated with the cloud.  It’s everywhere – from newspapers and journals to blogs and advertisements.  Yet for all this excitement, the enterprise has been slow to adopt this shiny new technology. Its appeal is enjoyed more often by individual consumers than businesses; by that growing number of employees who use… Continue Reading »

Louis Abate

The 4 Key Elements of Enterprise Cloud Storage

By on July 13, 2011

Cloud Storage is Not for the Enterprise?Recently I stumbled upon an article denouncing the use of cloud storage within the enterprise. The author, a security manager at an unnamed organization, explained the inherent risks associated with end users storing business files outside the four walls of their employer. He’s correct on all accounts. Using cloud… Continue Reading »

Louis Abate

Encryption Keys, User Data and Subpoenas

By on April 29, 2011

In the past week, we’ve seen Dropbox, a company that as another company we respect quite a bit and personally I use quite a bit, have to engage and discuss a recent alteration of their terms of service to be more transparent about who and how someone can access a given user’s data for the… Continue Reading »

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