“We are at our most efficient when our manufacturing facilities are running – any downtime costs us money. Nasuni has increased productivity across the company by dramatically improving file access and replication across offices.” – Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology

Manufacturing companies require offices and teams spread throughout the world to compete in a global marketplace. Each location demands its own IT resources – including shared storage. As the enterprise grows, the business adds new offices and plants throughout the world, further burdening the already complex IT structure often managed by a small team. With efficiency and uptime top of mind in any manufacturing organization, IT needs to be able to deliver infrastructure that is always on and does not disrupt, but supports, the end users.

With Nasuni, manufacturing companies have the ability to deliver uniform data storage and access across all of their locations. Instead of siloed systems with varying refresh dates and mixed backup schemes, firms can now implement a storage system across the enterprise that offers storage, backup, and offsite protection all built into an on-site appliance connected to the cloud. With local storage in each location that is managed from headquarters, IT can deliver local performance while maintaining centralized control and access.

Nasuni allows manufacturing organizations to do more with less:

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